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Quite the Rarity
Why is this comic so shoddy? Well, Pages of Life started off as just something for fun, so I just doodle it for funsies. All the stuff I want to do with more effort usually winds up on my dA Gallery, but even then it's usually a little doodle.

And as for this comic... Well, I introduced a friend to ponies a while back, and now she's a brony (or pegasister, should you prefer the term). So now, when she's intimate with her husband... Well, you're more than welcome.

Work as a ______
If I like what you come up with, I'll stick with it.

Should make for some interesting updates.

Wedding Bells of Time
They got married August 31st 2012.

Jeeez I've not updated in ages.... :T

What Comes Around... Part 6
Dear Princess Celestia,

Bros before Hoes.

Your brony subject,

I do like this character. I may have to put Kimberly-Anne in other situations.

What Comes Around... Part 5
So yeah. Once again, I don't know his true intentions, and while I'm still pretty certain that Nick's a pretty cool guy, I can't help but let my imagination take hold. I just don't know why he decided to do things this way around... And the evidence that I've seen (and not included, as to not open the wound any further for all parties) is quite strong that he's faking the whole thing just to fuck her. HAH, opened the wound anyway.


Oh hey it's that chick that doesn't exist.

What Comes Around... Part 4
You know that hindsight is 20:20?

Yeah. Should really have seen this coming. I am not smart.

What Comes Around... Part 3
I'm using my "incredible" imagination to whip up an "evil plot" as to why Nick decided to do what he did.

Because I still don't understand why, other than he was thinking with his dick.

Oh wait, I'm going ahead of myself... Keep reading.

What Comes Around... Part 2
They say that if you love someone, let them go. If they come back, it was meant to be. If they don't, then they didn't really love you anyway.

What Comes Around... Part 1
Now, this is very very recent and some butts will be hurt.

I do not care in the slightest.

To Teach A Lesson Part 3
So I had this dream but then the postman delivering pizza leaflets decided I should forget it and wake up.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Kimberly-Anne is made up. None of this happened. My life is THAT dull.

To Teach A Lesson Part 2
I kinda felt like I was talking to my past self doing this.

Prick didn't listen to me.

To Teach A Lesson Part 1
Oh hey, do you remember that one comic years ago where I woke up from a dream that I forgot? Oh come on, you know the one.

Well I "remember" it.

A Tale Part 8
Yes, that's right! After having lost almost all my old friends, as well as the girl I traded them for, I turned to making a terrible self-obsessed webcomic about myself.

It certainly taught me a lot about myself doing this... As well as how to behave. It's been a slow ride in some cases, and a fast one in others. And you've all followed me as I did it, and for that I am grateful.

So, to all my friends, followers, trolls and haters: Thank you for reading! Hopefully, you'll still be here to read some more.

A Tale Part 7
While Steve and I have gone back to talking terms since this, I have never forgiven myself for this.

I was, and probably still am, an asshole.

A Tale Part 6
And so, Common Sense cursed the day it ever attempted to reason with a penis.

Hi folks! A guy once posted on here (and quite recently, I might add) that one of the challenges of doing a journal comic is that your life has to be interesting enough for people to bother reading.

That's a tough challenge to face, as you have to balance what sort of stuff you're willing to share, as well as trying not to hurt the feelings of people you care about in your life, with what you'd class as entertaining.

If terrible TV Soaps are anything to go by, then people love Drama.

And boy, all the while I've not been updating? I've had some drama. And I have no qualms with sharing it with you.

A Tale Part 5
I'm not sure if this is accurate, but if it is then I'm glad! It's important to have a family you can trust to tell you when something's up.

Also, comments! All comments cheer me on. It's been a long long time since I've been motivated enough to draw anything (that isn't a pony) for some time now and you're helping me improve just by leaving a note here. Thank you for taking the time to leave a message! :D

In the mean time though, have a good time until the next update. Laters!

Final Product May Vary
Just a short detour from the story. It's been a while since I've put pen to tablet, so silly comics to come.

I WILL get back to my tale.

No, seriously.

... Stop looking at me like that.


PS: This is a double update. Head back a page if you've missed it.
A Tale Part 4
Hello Internet. How are you? I'm well.

I moved to a place without internet and my life took an interesting turn for the better. I haven't had time to comic, nor find a place to upload...

Until now.

Thank you for being patient. The people who stayed and waited... You are probably the best people alive.

I'm glad you approve.