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Sound Synthesis
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*grabs bucket of popcorn & a lawn chair*

(Luxrayess on Serebii)
I'm rooting for you, CH!
*snorts* ...Steve... >w< *snickers*

Exposed to too much contact across the Pacific Ocean, Hotaru?
Oh goodie! Now Hotarugari and Yumi will have to work together and show everyone the power of teamwork and friendship! >w< [/sarcasm]

I smell a disaster cooking.
Hey, how old is Mr. Tanuki supposed to be?
You know, you could loop this page and the one before it to create a never-ending story of trying to escape...
Kitsune are tricky; maybe he has something up his sleeve...

Or maybe not.

It took me a while to figure out that he fell because of Nephi's spider-silk "lasso".