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Today's comic was stolen from the Rogue Melania Twitter account @RogueFirstLady... again. I should just give co-author credit to whoever tweets that account.
Later this week, Marvel is releasing a new Avengers movie... Infinity War. To mark the occasion, we are going to have a couple of comics and a Squiggle inspired by the movie. It's been ten years in the making, and 18 films leading up to this. So much time and effort went into this. I spent a whole weekend drawing while eating cookies; I probably gained five pounds.
May your cottonmouth be quenchable, and your munchies delectable.
I stole this joke from the Twitter account Rogue Melania @RogueFirstLady
Oops! Missed a day there. Maybe if I keep insisting it's really there and anybody who says it isn't is spreading Fake News, then nobody will notice?
This strip was based off an idea from my pal, Alan. He bailed me out of trying to make up something myself today.

Oh, and I swiped the cool Uncle Sam pic from the awesome Alex Ross.
I'm sure the real Trump's Twitter account is blowing up this morning.
I have come to the conclusion that stupid people say stupid things because they are stupid people.
Inspired by a tweet from Bill Murray.
I once thought I found the answer to everything in a Reese's Peanut Butter cup. I was wrong.
I've been away for business this week. Is this story still even relevant?
I'm away for business this week, but I had enough time beforehand to make this fun Sarah Sanders picture. I've been wanting to draw her for awhile.
I'm away for business this week, so I made a bunch of strips all related to Trump's lawyer being raided by the FBI. Hopefully, it'll still a relevant story but you can never tell with this Administration.
Wow, am I glad that FBI raid of Trump's lawyer happened. It gave me enough material to fill in the rest of the week while I'm away for business.
I need lots of nutritional bars so I can have lots of energy for all the nothing I want to do.
Actually, the writer was a Scott Dooley (aka @scottdools on Twitter).
Haters gonna hate; tomatoes gonna tomate.
The Sinclair Broadcast Group ordered local news anchors at its stations to read an editorial handed down from their parent corporation.

In the words of Dan Rather, "News anchors looking into the camera and reading a script handed down by a corporate overlord, words meant to obscure the truth not elucidate it, isn't journalism. It's propaganda. It's Orwellian. A slippery slope to how despots wrest power, silence dissent, and oppress the masses."
Yesterday marked the 100th strip in a roll that I uploaded (if I did the math right, but it's math... so who knows). To start off the 101st strip in a roll, I thought I'd introduce a new character. I'll probably have to change a few things on her (like her name), but I like her (even though she sure as hell would hate me).
I suppose eating cupcakes is better than eating detergent pods.