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I'm a rolling stone, gathering no moss... because moss is sticky and smelly and gross.
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    JR Gervais
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I just want to eat tacos...
I'd pay money to hear this...
Meanwhile, the President spent the day at Mar-a-Lago, marking the 243rd day at one of his properties since taking office.
Sorry I didn't post anything for Day 817. All things work-related got in the way.
This tweet came from the legendary George Takei.
I had cheese, but no crackers. I was cracka-lackin'.
Today's comic comes from an Instagram account called Middle Age Riot.
Based off of a tweet by Stu Cameron.
I don't understand women. I tried once to watch the Gilmore Girls while eating a tub of ice cream, but I couldn't get into it.
Whatever it takes...
Sometimes, I feel like everyday is April Fools' Day.
Today's comic was inspired by the Rogue Melania account on Twitter @RogueFirstLady.
@Jacen: Fixed.
If two vegans get into an argument, is it still called a "beef?"

If you want to watch a quick video of me drawing one of the figures in this strip, then follow the YouTube link below...
March is a great time for flying a kite; which is what I'm going to suggest to my co-workers the next time they ask me to cover a weekend for them.
Today's comic comes again from frequent guest, Jacen.

If anyone has an idea for a strip, feel free to PM me. If I use it, I will freely share your credits with the world. However be aware, I don't always use ideas submitted to me (for various reasons) or I may altar it.
It's not easy being a cartoonist... or being a fish.
Today's comic was written by our pal, Jacen. Take a bow.
Today's comic came from an Instagram post by Middle Age Riot @middleageriot