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Look up the hashtag #Restaurants4Sarah for more creative choices for Sarah to eat. At least, she was judged based on the content of her character and not her skin color, gender or sexual orientation.

Sorry for posting so late in the day.
"Let them eat cake," anyone?

Check out the Store. Currently, there's a 30% off sale going on that ends at midnight. Passing on the savings!
As anyone who's known me for a few years knows, I love me some Post-It Notes. I put them everywhere. Everywhere.
I love having friends who are smarter and more talented than I am... I asked my friend Alan if he had any ideas for a strip about migrant children being separated from their families; I had been trying to come up with one for a week. Five minutes later, he comes up with this. Check out his webcomic at
Good one, Sarah!
I always thought Moby Dick was a venereal disease.

As you probably noticed (unless you're reading this months after the fact - ahem, Bauman), we're running a Squiggle celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Garfield comic strip. Garfield's birthday is Tuesday, but we'll be running the Squiggle all week long (and then it'll be in the Squiggle museum which you can find by clicking the Squiggle button up above).

Also, I wrote a short blog entitled "I Was Fired Because of Donald Trump." You can find it in the Blog section.
This was actually written by Hillary Clinton herself. I wonder if this would qualify her for a Pro Guest badge at Comic-Con?
And, in case you missed them, Days 509 and 510 are now online.
Sorry I missed the last couple of days of updates. I kinda want to fill in those missing days because there were so many interesting things going on. I'll let you know if I do.
EDIT: Days 509 and 510 are now online.
If you're a writer, never quit... never give up. Unless you're Stephenie Meyer; then you should stop immediately.
I like processed food.
In case you need the context behind this one, last night, during the Tony Awards, Robert DeNiro had some choice words for Donald Trump while introducing Bruce Springsteen. "I just want to say one thing... Fuck Trump." He received a standing ovation, of course. This is Broadway.
Sometimes I forget how to write a word, so I'll change a whole sentence to avoid it.
I drew this Rudy Giuliani a while ago, but didn't have a chance to use him for anything. Finally found a news story that was appropriate for it. You don't have to wait long for someone in this Administration to say something dumb or icky.
Written by Alan Truong. Check out his webcomic at
I warn my friends that I'm a writer. Anything they say or do may be used against them in a story.

Speaking of writing (that's called a transition), I wrote a blog over the weekend about my favorite shop in Baker, CA. It's called Alien Fresh Jerky; you can read it by following the link...
Has it really been 500 days?

I added a store, so you can check out the cool Trumpolini-inspired designs. You can get them on t-shirts, hats, cell phone cases and more, with lots of colors to choose from.
Today is National Donut Day. To be honest, I thought that was everyday.

Also, check out my blog about a place off of the I-15 that sells Alien Jerky. Seriously.
Originally had something else going with today, but that's the trouble (and great thing) about doing a webcomic... you can change things on the fly.

In case anyone missed the context, Samantha Bee, the host of the show Full Frontal on TBS, called Ivanka Trump a "feckless cunt." Lots of people have criticized the comment, and some Trumptards are asking for blood (especially after Roseanne Barr lost her show for saying a shitty thing earlier in the week).

The best response I saw was from Sally Field. She tweeted, "I like Samantha Bee a lot, but she is flat wrong to call Ivanka a cunt. Cunts are powerful, beautiful, nurturing and honest."

Mic drop.