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Woke up this morning to these photos of Trump overseas touching some glowing orb. Don't know what the frak is going on; I don't think I want to know either.
Q. Knock, knock.
A. Who's there?
Q. Doris.
A. Doris who?
Q. Doris locked! That's why I'm knocking!
I can totally imagine Lincoln saying "jackhole." Can't you?
Metaphors, yo.
Sorry for not posting for awhile. Actually, it was only a week but so much stuff happened last week in the news... it just seemed longer! Today's revelations were too hot to not post an update. Can the impeachment process start yet?
When you're reaching for your goals in life... make sure you're wearing deodorant.
Not to brag or anything, but I haven't had a mood swing in... like, 8 minutes or something.
Trying to be funny is also a pre-existing condition.
Yay!!! I finally got Bernie in the comic!
"A comic artist ain't no different than you or me or anybody except he knows how to draw pitchers (sic) and is crazy in the head." I think Popeye said that.

Today is National Cartoonists Day (seriously, there's a day for everything). So go out and buy a cartoonist you know a beer today. It'll be a charitable act because cartoonists don't make squat and they probably couldn't afford the drink anyway.
Being smart is such a burden.
I made a quick edit on this strip. As soon as I posted the original version, I had an idea for a funnier one. The thrill of being a webcartoonist...
Remember, true believers, you are made of the stuff of the stars... not that it helps with paying your bills
This one really pisses me off. The internet was one of the greatest advances for mankind, and now it's going to be priced out of control (like cable tv) and we'll be at the mercy of internet service providers. I mean, how the heck am I supposed to watch my funny cat videos?
So Trump released his tax plan; it was more like a bake sale for corporations than an actual plan. Almost 100 days into his presidency and still no tax returns, btw.
Donald Trump isn't the President of the United States; he's a Dick Tracy villain.
Same ol', same ol'.
Just found out that Canadian comic book artist Gisele Lagace was denied entry at the US/Canadian border on her way to appear at C2E2. Artists drawing in the US is a threat to National Security now.
I've been hiding from exercise. I'm in a Fitness Protection Program.
The only drawback to not being in the midst of WWIII is that we have to pay our taxes today.