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I'm a rolling stone, gathering no moss... because moss is sticky and smelly and gross.
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Happy Something Day.
Thank goodness, it's Friday. That's enough reason to fall in love.
Nothing says Love more than 50% off-chocolates the day after Valentine's Day.
Swiped this joke from Rogue Melania Twitter account (@RogueFirstLady).
Binge-watching shows with your cat is the new (and preferred) Valentine's Date Night.
No, Netflix is not a Valentine.
We're going to celebrate Valentine's Day all this week! There will be a comic everyday (Monday - Friday), and we even have a spiffy new Squiggle for our banner. And if this week reminds you that you're Forever Alone, remember a girl in California went to her Prom with a pineapple. Think about it.

And btw, I found those search results somewhere on the internet; don't ask me why someone would search for universe-eating chinchillas, but it sounded cool to me.
Naked mole rats are scary looking; just like the back of Donald's head.
If it were my last day on Earth, I'd want to eat lots of pudding.
@Jacen: Thanks for the catch. To be honest, I think I actually pulled that headline from CNN so they need to hire you or something. Needless to say, I corrected. Like you said, we must endeavor to be our best (or close enough).
I should probably get around to drawing Bill Clinton one of these days, too.
Sometimes I wonder if I'm really a person at all.

As a bonus, I wrote something in the blog section about all of the upcoming superhero movies for 2018. Click on the "Blog" button up above, and look for the title "7 Superhero Movies to Keep Eyes on in 2018."
Inspired by the recent SNL Cold Open.
These are authentic tweets found on Twitter; they were so funny I had to share them here. I thought they were so good I didn't even find the need to supply a visual; that, and there wasn't room.
Happy Groundhog Day, everybody. If you still have your Christmas decorations up... now is probably a good time to take them down.
Today's comic is based off of a tweet from Scott McCloud (@scottmccloud).
Sorry for late update.
The Doomsday Clock was recently moved forward by 30 seconds to the closest it's been since 1953. But shouldn't it have moved back an hour when Daylight Savings ended?
Somewhere in the world, right now perhaps... a duck is thinking of you.
One of these days, I'm going to get around to drawing Melania.