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I'm a rolling stone, gathering no moss... because moss is sticky and smelly and gross.
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    JR Gervais
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@robert platt bell: Believe it or not, I'm trying to do some little animated videos for YouTube; but finding time to do them is difficult.
I know today's comic is a tad bit tardy, but better late than never. Also, it was made by my pal, Alan; check out his webcomic over at

He wanted to include this link to a youtube video...
@Jacen: Fixed. Thanks for the catch.
@Allieluigico: I have more comic books than friends, and I'm okay with that.
If anyone in this comic strip is going to go Hollywood, it would be Toad.

This week I'm going to do some unusual updates before we kick into our annual July mini-story arc. Tune in Friday.
@robert platt bell: Thanks for reading everything. Since the comic is approaching 1,000 posts, reading everything is no easy feat. You da man!

In regards to how artists, young 'n old, can make money these days, it's all about making those digital products. Offering t-shirts, books, and other merch is one way an artist can monetize their webcomic. There are some others ways, too.

I feel artists these days need to start thinking of themselves as "media influencers" and develop a brand image over several social media platforms.

However, doing this, takes a lot of work and time. Some artists don't want to do all that... or can't. It's hard.

(this might be a future blog topic)

Again, thank you for the kind words. Leaving comments is encouraging, and kinda wants me to try harder. Can't let you folks down.
I hope everybody's summer is as full of fun 'n good times as the ocean is full of pee.
@robert platt bell: you are my new favorite fan.
I was saving this one for a book I wanted to do, but now I just want to get it out there before Sarah Sanders leaves.
Comic book collectors have lots of issues.
Today's comic was inspired by a tweet from Roland Scahill @rolandscahill
I used Alternative Facts to write this comic.
Yes, I missed a day yesterday. It's not always fun 'n games doing this comic, and sometimes you just need a day off.
Your anxiety is calling. It misses you.
Being an adult was the dumbest thing I've ever done.
My pal, Alan Truong, helped me out again while I was out of town. Check out his webcomic at
I keep hoping Warner Bros/DC is playing mind games with us about the whole Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne/Batman thing, but they're taking the joke too far.

Speaking of superhero movies, I wrote a blog about the remaining superhero movies for the year. You can check it out by clicking the blog button up above, and looking for "Upcoming Superhero Movies for 2019, Part Two!!!"
I think he would like it, too.
Go get your kids vaccinated already.
Why are you reading this comic? A Godzilla movie opened today. Go see it.