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I'm a rolling stone, gathering no moss... because moss is sticky and smelly and gross.
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    JR Gervais
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Always bothered me.
Still haven't seen SNL from last night, but it must have been really good to get "Tiny" so upset. (sorry for the late update, btw)
I didn't make this. Found this somewhere on the internet several weeks ago. Was waiting for Trump to declare national emergency. Didn't have to wait long.

EDIT: Since somebody asked about credit of who did the original version of this particular strip (and I didn't have it), I made my own version of this meme. This one is original (ish).
Shout out to all the hotel maids who have to change sheets the day after Valentines.
Today's comic came from Jacen again.
On that somber note, Happy Valentine's Day.
Today's comic is courtesy of Jacen.
Sorry for the late update. I blame the sad state of political accord in Washington, world affairs and Battle Angel Alita (which I saw already -twice!- it's really good).
Without my phone, I wouldn't know what time it is, wouldn't be able to solve simple math problems, wouldn't be able to wake up from an alarm in the mornings, find my way in the dark or know a single phone number (including my own).
Sorry for the late update today.
Imagine losing your phone before the Super Bowl? How would you re-watch the commercials?
I stole this from a meme I saw on the internet.
During troublesome times, I like to reflect on these words of wisdom from Sasquatch... "Believe in yourself, especially when no one else will."
I'm going to sit back, drink my covfefe, and eat a couple of hamberders, and enjoy this nice global waming we have right now.
<<Insert funny comment here>>
"In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming."
After I made this strip, I heard the government shutdown has temporarily ended so Trump will probably get his State of the Address in the House. I still liked this strip, and didn't want to change it.
Stupid snow is stupid.
This strip is based off of a tweet from Roland Scahill @rolandscahill.
Sorry about missing an update yesterday. The Job gets in the way sometimes.

I've been wanting to fill in all the days I've missed (especially during the first year), but I'm not exactly sure how; maybe something with a time traveler. If anyone has an idea, feel free to comment below.