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I'm a rolling stone, gathering no moss... because moss is sticky and smelly and gross.
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    JR Gervais
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I stole this one from the Twitter account @realDonaldTrFan.
Lies we tell ourselves: "Just one more episode..."
Jane Goodall ain't got nothing on me!

Welcome to our new time slot. Instead of updating at 12:01am, we will be updating at 7:11am Pacific Time. Why? Because.
I need to draw this guy, and add him to menagerie.
I read somewhere that on average vegetarians live up to ten years longer than meat-eaters... ten long years longer without bacon.
I've heard there are nice Walmarts out there. The one by where I live is not one of those...
I feel a lot of empathy for trees this time of year. I hope I don't have things falling off me as I get older.
Doctor told me that after the age of 45 everything is bad for you.

I forgot to mention this last week, but I got interviewed by Comics Online. Check out their site, and give the article a comment and like. Unfortunately, I can't post an exact link to the article because Smackjeeves doesn't allow links with really long URLs but you should be able to find it on their site's interview section.

Also, over the weekend, I saw the new Venom movie and felt inspired (if you want to use that word) to write a blog about lame Spider-Man villains. er-man/
It's like he's Reality's own punchline.
Today's comic comes from Jacen Alexander.
Is it wrong that drawing this made me happy?
Sometimes, I think I was abducted by aliens and experimented upon... then other times, I just think I'm weird.
Last month, within the pages of an environmental impact report, the Trump administration made an assumption that the planet will warm up seven degrees by the end of the century. According to scientists, a rise of seven degrees would be pretty disastrous; coral reefs would dissolve and many coastal cities would be partly underwater; extreme heat waves would be routine.

This report's analysis wasn't issued to fight this problem. No, it was written to justify Trump's decision to freeze fuel-efficiency standards for cars and trucks. The assumption is the world is doomed anyways.

Screw our grand kids! Lousy good for nothings.
Homework over the weekend prepares you for work over the weekends.
I know lots of incredibly smart people, but I bet most of them still need to sing the alphabet to remember where "J" goes.
No doubt, his tax returns are still under audit.
Maybe I should learn to draw Stormy, too? I mean, that quote above is worthy of immortality somehow.
It'll be officially Fall tomorrow. Of course, it's been Fall around here since whenever Starbucks released their Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Darn delicious stuff.
This has destroyed the childhood memories of millions.
It's Monday... let the fun begin.