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I like drawing.

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Just read the whole thing from start to finish and may I just say, amazing character development and line art! I love your use of blacks and shading, and your art has gotten more detailed with time. The way they all interact with each other is so natural and believable, can't wait for more!
First Story Preview!
This is one of the more cheesy horror stories, You can get the full comic here:
Dark Tales of Lolita Preview
The pages I will be uploading are just a preview of the book, you can buy the full thing here:
November 17th, 2017
This comic is awesome! I am laughing so hard at how nice the Eel Monster is. It's the best!
Yay! New page!
I have a few more fillers I will be posting, it's been a year, but I still have stories to tell! PLus I'm almost done with college, so that will give me more time!
November 22nd, 2011
Fan Art! I love it
This is a free sketch I got from Sebastian Piccione while I was at Famous Faces, a comic book store. I didn't just receive a free sketch, I handed out free mini Justin Time comics and got to sit with the artists and draw free sketches for customers as well! It was fun.
Only Baby Scars
happy halloween!
October 24th, 2011
I have a page I'm doing especially for halloween, so I wont release it till the end of this week, check back in before you go trick or treat!
this is from real life experience.
kids these days...wait.
Justin's Little secret... ;P're an alien
I decided to make a little parody of myself almost when doing this. I know that if Hollywood picked this up, they'd ruin in like they did Twilight and all the other movies they are making nowadays. I'm not a huge fan of any of these people except Chloe Moretz. I'm just saying personally I'D never cast Bieber, but you know Hollywood...
heheheheheeheheheh...sometimes I ask myself wtf...
lol this page reminds me of adventure time.
"You're not getting squished bug! I'll use my mad skills to save you! HAAAAAAA!!"
a tutorial you can check out a bigger version here:
Tis Blue.
I missed justin time so much i came back and whipped this out. it took me till 3 in the morning to do since it was last minute. happy early valentine's day!