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I make comics and animations and stuff.

I hate flamers but won't flame back unless I'm in a bad mood.

I'm on deviant Art under the same username.
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    Maya Stringer
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@Murp: It's totally fine, just annoying that my pal won't stop doing that.
@Murp: yes many times, but I can't stop answering a call with 'Hello' and that makes me an easy target for it.
@Murp: Heh, thanks for all your comments, I'm glad you like the comic and can relate to some of it!
@Evylution/The real one: I want to tell spoilers so bad D:
@VadanDrumist: HA! have you been reading ahead? Manic is smart but likes to do things that are complex, and sometimes that leads to a lack of intelligence.
Full chapter on Tapas!
I finished the full chapter during the night, and its scheduled to go public before this page does, so If you want to speed ahead, check out:

If you want to get a full page a day, rather than two per week, Go to: as they will be queued there.

Just remember to be respectful, and don't shout out spoilers!
this is actually Filler
I really don't want to disturb the flow, but Chapter five isn't ready.... I suck, I know.

this game actually was some decent programing difficulty. spent months trying to get around a cumbering code, but in the end I went with a tried, true and error heavy method.

so yeah errors on the bipolar color settings, those are the errors I know of. (however bipolar is just an aura so not too big a deal... I guess)


why are you still reading this? play the dang game.
Omg really? I didn't even realize, I mean, I just put how I would react, with a little thought. Usually I'm not nearly so careful with my words when just talking to people. So what I try to do in this comic is be me, if I could think of replies in advance. So I mean, I geuss this is proof I'm human? XD
Hey all, in addition to the new page today, I decided to make this bonus art for our top commenter, @VadanDrumist ! I'm sorry I don't always reply to your comments, But believe me, I value all of them! Your observations can be so contrary to mine, but I love that! It gives me a way to think a bit different, although sometimes your observations are almost a prediction! So on point with mine! I completely love sharing my story with you, and everyone!
@VadanDrumist: Yes well, If I didn't have such lack of goal focus, or performance anxiety, I'd, I mean Manic- would be able to think of such intelligent questions myself, I mean their self! XD
@VadanDrumist: HA! Yes. Manic is based off me, and I was 26 when I wrote this. I am 27 now. But there are reasons for things like, still living with your mom at 27, those may be, being mentally unstable, and unable to go to school or get a job. These things can be common in autistic subjects. In all of these ways Manic's age shouldn't be unrealistic or an unheard of thing. This is not the story of a child growing up with strange powers and living their childhood as an oddity. Because kids with autism already feel like that. This is a story of a grown adult whose already learned what life will be like for them in their mental state. But who gets to have an opportunity as a hero, and bring their insight into that dimension of the world by sharing perspectives others can't see, and seeing perspectives that others had seen for themselves -for the first time. .... I was just working on chapter 6 sketch so all these concepts are in my head... Hehe... But Im rambling now so yeah...
@VadanDrumist: Ha! Maybe. But Manic only leaves the house on Wednesdays to play games with friends, no one besides their friends really know them, so the odds of getting recognized are slim. Someone would have to looking for them.

Also I'm really sweating to get chapter 4 done, I thought I'd have it down by now. This is kinda the midpoint of chapter 3 and it's still not finished. I'd hate to delay this chapter any longer, I just need to buckle down and finish the color and FX so I can add the words finally. Side note, writing chapter 5 currently and it seems to be the most action packed so far. But to be fair I thought that about this chapter when I wrote it. So it seems to be subjective.
I wanted to thank everyone for their nice comments, So I decided to add some of my animation work that doesn't fit a full vid. If you want to see more of my animation check the Bonus content page for a link to my animation only You Tube!
@TerrytheTeryx: Haha thanks, and well, this is like my, .... .... lets say 5th well established plot heavy comic that I'm actually putting effort into.... I've done a ton of other comics on this site and off, some that never made it online at all! I've been fine tuning the art of storytelling for years, and I'm sure its still not totally flawless, but world building is something I'm a natural at. So remember it may be complex and cool, but until I find my story telling formula, I've got no lead into the world of comics... My story telling powers are yours, (the readers) to judge. So I hope I can make a compelling story.... Let me know how its going every few pages! Any questions I will answer!
@VadanDrumist: A) the scarf is actually a symbol of depression, as people with autism often has traits of other disabilities mixed in. B) the Glasses are just glasses, there is actually a panel when they are not wearing them, (page 4 chapter 1) The characters with four eyes have such to represent another disability, OCD, to represent their attention to details others usually over look. C) the fur, tail and exaggerated ears are part of the autism trait. Others with Autism my have fur too, or may only have exaggerated ears, or only a tail, or only exaggerated ears and a tail. The fur, ears and tail will always be different in color and appearance for each person who has them. IDK if you've seen the Flash game I made of various examples of some of the disabilities that appear in the comic. I put the link under the bonus content page, but here it is again: Anyway the point behind these changes is that people with autism experience the world in a way that is so different from most people their actions and personality is almost of another species/alien to others. It is a very noticeable trait, the only one that even come close to leaving the same impact on others is depression, which makes audible complaints. Hummm... I should make a page cataloging the disabilities we've seen in the comic so far...
@VadanDrumist: Its a scarf, its made of fabric, it folds! XD
@VadanDrumist: hummm.... True! but that internal monologue would probably be a bit dark at this point, I'd hate to say it but the bottom line is Manic has just learned they have powers, and although they have a good heart, and want to help people, their view of doing so is that its a dangerous job. One that ether you survive the each gig and move on or you die on the first. And at this point they're life sucks so much they're willing to risk that.
@VadanDrumist: lol I seriously like the way you think! some of those points will be addressed in the next few pages! I will cover the main one that won't be, The robbers health! He was just knocked out! ... Okay he might have a slight concussion but he's not a key character to the plot. The point is the robber survives relatively fine. As for the vandalism that will be addressed in a page or two....
@Scribeteller: AW thanks! I have updates scheduled up till the start of November, and another chapter still to upload. However if making the next chapter is anything like the annoyance I went though with the latest I made, IDK if it will be done in time to accommodate the page a day schedule. Chapters One and Two are logged for page a day, but three may have to be page a week...
@VadanDrumist: Heh, I'd would have though someone with Drumist in there user name wouldn't mind music? I like books too, well comic books, I don't much care for novels anymore... but in any case I hope you don't mind music since I aim to have at least one song in every issue. Sometimes short, sometimes long.