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March 4th, 2017
It's such a surprise that Jaime is wooing Aiden way more than the reverse. It's a real TREAT! Nice to take us out of the typical character troupes and have something unique for a change, ahhh I just love this comic! <3
February 28th, 2017
This is the exact face I make when in this situation
@Hakked: It was an all nighter but it's worth it
I didn't see him while I was in bed with his sister!!! Stop asking questions!!
Same here in south Florida "the sunshine state" except apparently it feels like you're breathing water here according to southern Californians I've met due to the humidity change
the complete 180 in personality
hopefully she can keep him happy he sounds like a bit of a demon child
team gurren!
I'm really admiring how you're heading their relationship. I'm asexual and I thought your defense of relationships without a sexual side was so thoughtful. Relationships like that never get enough notice and I'm very happy. Especially since I'm just a bit uncomfortable with the fascination for terribly underage intimacy. And I think even if they're not like me, they are probably very young and wouldn't be comfortable with that just yet. I think anything to do with sex is usually intended for adults and should show those who are sexually matured. But thats just my opinion, and I've been known to have too much of a analytical view on sexual relationships since I don't feel those feelings.
Louie's face changed.
Oh! I reblogged that post on tumblr! I didn't know that was you who made it! How cool that it got so much notes~
Evil Dark Scary looking Cole! Vodka looks a little stunned.
This is gonna make me cry!!!
The innocent angel killing a demon? woah i actually didn't see that coming...
oh hello Tomo! hehe~
his hair!!! *pets it ready to cry*
April 11th, 2012
scary woman.. I knew she was trouble
Ah! he's tomo? OwO?
he's gonna lose his hair!!!! QAQ