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... I don't know anyone who actually reads these.
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Last time my boyfriend took so long in the bathroom it was because he decided to play with my makeup... I was jealous because he looked fabulous.
I love you. Just say I love you.
August 27th, 2016
X= I've been away. But I caught up.

Momo, what if its broken? ... ^^;
Meddlesome friends always do... and then they get you killed! *Cough* I love how he's just raging at them in the 2nd to last panel.
Bite it.
Oh god. Meddling friends... the worst kind Ffffff Kuro you should have just disowned them!
.... *shrugs and dances with Kuros friends*
August 11th, 2016
Ahhhh I was the same way until last week... I still get lost though. OTL
I should not have taken a drink while scrolling...
...Seems we are all thinking the same thing.
I'm just going to wait for him to tell him to jump off a bridge next.
There is so much adorable on this page... and I just want to slap that woman for being so stupid.
I want to hug Evan. <3
I can't comment with out calling Lori a few really mean names myself... =-= I hope her hair catches fire.
... So this asshat would have believed the rumors that I got a boob job and was a prostitute back in 6th grade? Go realism some people really are this dumb.
OH! Yeah! DX This is why I shouldn't read when I'm tired. Fffff!

... Shit. His friends are growing on me. I'm going to start calling them the fungus triplets.
Nope. Nope. Nope.

Heeey! Momo said he would clean it up and then just left Kuro to it XD
... And now they chase him down because they want to apologize and scare the shit out of him. Meanwhile Kuro turns on the tv to see BREAKING NEWS! And there they are.

Meanie is a kinder word then I had. He and Kuro both needs sense knocked into them.
Wouldn't you be the perfect little househusband if that were true Momo?

And oh look! Peer pressure! Good job Bryan!
And that is the closest to "Don't leave me!" you are going to get.
How do you get ants Kuro!? That. That is how you get ants.