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I mostly make comics and i have a very short temper.I mostly friendly and get along with people.I play alot of sports and love to watch different animes.
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Ahhh! ooks like your drawing skills are iproving! Good job!!
Yeah! I didnt really care to much about those two,s names so i got the messed up at times!
December 21st, 2008
It would make sense for you to think that nyu!!
December 21st, 2008
It would make alot of sense for you to think that nyu!!
November 5th, 2008
wait.....i take that back...
I freakin dig this comic nyu!! Its just as good as mine,mabye even better since mines is just begining but has alot coming!
Yo! That old hag is ready to kick ass nyu!!!
Yeah probably nyu. Until i can get my hands on some dough, i can't have a scanner, but my friends live across my street but the computer had some prblems for a while so i couldn't use their scanner, but since it's good now, i can use it! Not alot though.I'm quite thankful though that i got some stuff up nyu!!
WHOO HOO!!! UPDATE BABY!!! Finally got my hands on a scanner at my friend's house nyuuu!
Oh Yeah...and thank you pirety ninja!! NYU!! I need to work on my pencil lining though, i want it to be more crisped and clean and more details and stuff.
(sigh).... Y-You know.....this fuckin sucks!!! I need....a scanner...(sob)...............................................nyu.........
Dosent jasper do anynthing other than lean against the wall an try to act coOl all frekin day!! nyyu!!!?
You stiil need to work with your angle though! Plus side views nyu!!
February 18th, 2008
I DONT HAVE A FUCKIN SCANNER!!!!!!! (im sorry nyu)!
Are u peeps sure shes doing the right thing!? Especially u starrie!? U might think that but she could be doing this jus to get fame and wat she wants! I mean the first person she went after with her powers was Gail! And plus even though Tabby has almost nothing to do with the robbery, she threatens Tabby jus because Gail weants to save her! Thats pretty much bitchy to me if ur considered a hero whan u jus want things ur way!
YO AMIKO! I finally updated on FAKE DREAM Hooray fo me! NYU!
Hey fool i updated!
January 2nd, 2008
This isnt shojo nyu!
Tis a pretty damn good manga nyu!! Check out mines!