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April 14th, 2009
O . O evil rapist sorA!? A side Ive never seen! *sits and eat popcorn watching*
This is by far the cutest fuckin comic EVA!
*pulls out glow sticks and starts to rave*
Im totally doing a fanarts <3
probs of one of meh fav bois
Vanilla or herz <333 smexy menz
the twins are so adorable...and jak is the cutest boy ever <3
Awesome page, I like how u captured jak and lors personalities and looks yet made them look so much younger....that is hard to do : 3
November 30th, 2008
they are both so adorable..
and gosh...why wont they just make out already!!
lor knows she wants to
laying there looking all smexual XD
I lay like that around my gf too!!! Lmao!
I love this page wiff a passion.
Ash looks uber like omg I think Im the only sane one in this bunch
Poor misty is the only girl....its a good thing a bunch of em are probs gay...
Psy duck...omg I totally went "squee" when I saw his little tail and adorable butt sticking out. ^__^
Pikachu is getting like molested by voltorb!!! O . O butt rape...XD
and persian looks so chillaxed, and meowth kinda spaztic XD
greet pic though
the one question is:
bo's little sister has human ears???
lol *shrugs*
Bo seems like he has a crush on baraku.....^__^
lol him with the baseball bat reminds me of when u first did the comics and he hits her in the head...
great job as always!!!
: D
I want what shes having too!!!
: D
Make that a double with a side of chocolate sauce and whip cream....:3
this is gorgeous as always hun....^_^
u rox my soxs.....
reminds me of me and meh girlie....
she always tries to act bad ass, so Im all
like....I lurv you *kisses*
lol I love this comic!!!
woot!! update!!!
I almost feel sorry for the guy......
but not really!! XD
lmao, Lium is just too easy to please. XD
And Ed seems uber mature...<3 <3
this comic is waaaaay to cute.
oooh that is uber amazing!!!
I luv woopers so...<3 <3
They are probably my fav pokemon after all the eevee evolutions (mainly espeon and umbreon)
lol I agree with striped orange socks, richard needs to get laid.
I love souzette soooo..<3 <3 <3
those are uber pretty lips!!!!
They are soo freakin kissable!!!~
did anyone say gaia!! you should add me, I be cheshiremiko ^__^
I totally gotta agree with romy and hannah....seeing as how Im narcoleptic....Id never live without them.
*shifty >.> <.< eyes*
Lmao...I gotta agree with Saiko.....megumi's slowness is just to adorable. X3
poor Tomoyo, she just needs to admit that she likes megumi...cuz megumi obviously likes her.
XD Im gonna sound like everybody else...but..
HA NOW I UNDERSTAND THE TITLE!! IT HIT ME LIKE A SEMI TRUCK!!! Bang a lang boom bam! lmao...
Awww......Hes such a cute little rebel scottish sheep prince...*cuddles bo*
lmao thats totally something I would do....XD