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Sleep is important! If you let your body go too long without it, it'll come back to collect...with interest!
The cake is a lie?!
"Oh, hey, Mom and Dad paid for these classes, but I'm busy, so you go in my stead!"

Sounds like something my twin brother would say back when we were kids. Lol
Third panel, on the left: That would be an awesome/hilarious avatar picture. Just sayin'. :)
@Guest: Because he's worried about Christo taking advantage of his sister.
@The_Hankerchief: A reference to the original song, if you'd like an idea of how the song would sound:
Eddie Rabbitt had it wrong; The song shouldn't have been "Driving My Life Away". Fixed lyrics below:

"Well, the laptop, upright, writing on an autumn night,
Paragraph, next page, gotta keep a-writing more lines
Gotta keep rollin'

Yeah, the writer's block, in my head, and lack of sleep leaves me dead, frustrated, uptight, gotta keep a-making more lines
Gotta keep rollin'

Ooooooh, I'm writing my life away!
Sleep can wait another day,
Poor old me

Ooooooh, I'm writing my life away!
Make another novel page

Well, the deadline's smoothly coming on to me, trying to talk me into more writing, or I'm going to be sorry
And it's in just a few weeks

Yeah, buddy, get me another cup of coffee,
Pop it up, shoot it out, words keep flying down the line, hey
Gotta keep rollin'

Ooooooh, I'm writing my life away
Cranking out another page
Poor old me

Ooooooh, I'm writing my life away
Hair is slowly turning gray
Poor old me...

Ooooooh, I'm writing my life away,
Sleep can wait another day

This could be the anthem for NaNoWriMo. Lol
Hey, you're still on schedule! Don't worry, for the first week out of five, you're killing it! Keep up the good work!
November 5th, 2017
Like throwing a corn dog in a woodchipper. Doesn't end well for the corn dog.
@Falconer: This page is my spirit animal.
So, wait, I thought Lexi knew about Jason and Patrick? Or is Jason just referring to the two of them being together without her present?
That's what the editing phase is for, though! Lol hang in there!
My response to this is to crank "Don't Fear The Reaper" as loudly as possible while I type. Lol
@MannyKat8x: This needs to be a T-shirt.
Mom's dogs are the same way. She ended up getting a steps tool for them to use.

Meanwhile, at Grandma's, Homer just doesn't care. He'll hurdle the bed at a full clip, hit the wall on the far side and recoil, bounce down to the floor, and then try again, tongue wagging the entire time. (He's a dork dog, but he's a lovable dork dog)
@Falconer: I felt the same between Montana and Texas. 40 degrees in Montana feels a lot warmer up north than it does in the South!

Also, the same goes for the Middle East. It's 85 degrees here and I'm walking around wearing the duster, because I get cold without it! AT 85 DEGREES.
October 29th, 2017
Damn, I liked her, too. Hikari, you were a badass, and I'm going to miss you.
Huh. Didn't know you were close to the Portland area. I'll have to look for you st the next con!