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And now, I have become Hank, the writer of comics

Secret Santa info: If you don't know me well, General.Hankins is my twin brother. He's cool. I like outdoorsy stuff and the Northern Lights. Also, The Dresden Files, Monster Hunter International, and Roadkill (the Automotive YouTube show)!
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    Brennen Hankins
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I'm probably just as bad as James. Fortunately, I'm the only one who knows the password.

(Laughs evilly)
Mr. Skelly really makes the page. Haha
@Oishi17: "I don't believe you." #fakenews

On a serious note, good looking out, thank you haha
And there's the nail in the coffin of Christo and Peter's friendship.
Smilin' Andy isn't smiling at the moment.
When the band was on tour and Wiley had his breakdown
I like her already.
Silly James....don't you know why it's important to be familiar with your equipment?! That's why video games always start with a tutorial!
Lol James.

"Look, a distraction!"
This reaffirms my belief that, when it counts, Mulligan is indeed good people.

I actually have quite a few real-life friends who mirror Mulligan, personality-wise. They're brash, unfiltered, and will rib and dog you every chance they get (in jest), but when it counts, they're the biggest guys that come through to help, or show support. So this is cool to see.
Smilin' Andy strikes again!
Scratch what I said, earlier, I've got it: Don McLean, either "Vincent" or "Empty Chairs".
I don't know; to me, the backing music plays like light acoustic classic rock pieces, like Jefferson Airplane's "Coming Back To Me", Neil Young's "Heart of Gold", or, most famously, The Beatles' "A Day In The Life".

However the melody would actually sound, they're beautiful lyrics, Gibson.
This is me, always.

Healy makes for a better alarm clock than any electric one I've ever purchased.
Aggro all the things, indeed.
Lol I've been wearing glasses since I was four. I got used to eye doctors early on. Though, I guess if you've never experienced it before, it'd be a little freaky. Lol
It's a pretty badass chapter cover, though, so she can't be too mad about being g ignored.
The man simply does not care about your plight, Aya.

lol I like this guy