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And now, I have become Hank, the writer of comics

Secret Santa info: If you don't know me well, General.Hankins is my twin brother. He's cool. I like outdoorsy stuff and the Northern Lights. Also, The Dresden Files, Monster Hunter International, and Roadkill (the Automotive YouTube show)!
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I'm not sure where Bali is, but it sounds expensive.

Which is probably why I have no idea where Bali is.
It's kind of weird to see a story I've been following for almost a decade finally coming to a close. And it's not an abrupt, jarring catastrophic end, but a calm one, like two pioneers on the Oregon Trail, standing on the summit of the Barlow Wagon Road and looking down at the Willamette Valley. The journey is almost complete, all that's left is to walk down the mountain.

It's been a good journey. And I'm glad nobody died of dysentery.

Thanks for creating and sharing with us, Gibson.
Should I be feeling a happy kind of sad, or a melancholy form of joy? I'm honestly not sure.

This page definitely tickles the heart strings, though.
@mitchellbravo: "Play the Violin, Johnny...."
Damn right, you did it.

And what a wild ride it's been. But it's been a fun ride. You brought us low, brought us high, made us laugh, made us cry, made us learn, but most importantly, made us -relate-. I wish I had an iota of your character developing skills, to make characters so easy to identify with and feel empathy for.

Anyhoo, cheers, Gibson, and thank you. I'll be there for the finale. Can't wait to see what happens from here!

Glad to know she's okay, though.
That whole scene with the violin, keeps reminding me of that silly FilmCow video, and I'll never not laugh at that, or the video.

Also, Joseph, don't be a knothead!
Years ago, when Aaron and I had to share a bunk bed, I got stuck on the bottom bunk. It wasn't until years later (and after a brief stint where he lived at Dad's house, thus letting me sleep in whichever bunk held my fancy that evening) that I grew to appreciate the fact that I had a bigger bed than he did, even if mine was the lower one.
Rereading this page years later, I realize how much I appreciate Cecilia's look of disapproval. It -makes- this page.
I'm with Peter on this one. Whiskey is the everyman's drink!
Sil is going to be really pissed if Caldwell vaporizes the monster before he can get some licks in.
Man, after nigh a decade.....

Obviously we're going to see the final gaps in the timeline between Peter's arrival at Sawyer and the beginning of the series, and while I'm excited for that, I'm curious: Where does Peter go from here?

In any case, it's been a good ride. Looking forward to seeing what's at the end of the highway.
@Seven Rain: XP: Still the greatest OS I've ever used.

Windows 7 (XP Lite) is a close second.
I've yet to make the swap myself. My laptop is on its last leg, and I'm milking it for all it's worth. Not bad for a laptop I've had for eight years, but the end is nigh.

Then again, my desktop still runs XP.....
"If you work for a living, why do you kill yourself working?"
Maybe if the woman on the left was willing to donate the chicken to the cause, he'd get up!
By the way, if you ever get the chance to go to Guam, go. I highly recommend it!
D Minus, Peter, D Minus
Perhaps whistle it?
I'm currently about 180 miles south of Lethbridge....