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And now, I have become Hank, the writer of comics

Secret Santa info: If you don't know me well, General.Hankins is my twin brother. He's cool. I like outdoorsy stuff and the Northern Lights. Also, The Dresden Files, Monster Hunter International, and Roadkill (the Automotive YouTube show)!
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This whole chapter reminds me of "Dead Flowers", by the Rolling Stones. The only difference is Lexi isn't wealthy, though I'm led to believe she was the primary breadwinner in that household, so it still applies.
Seconding Mitchell on this one!
This happens to me often. It's even worse, now that I have a Kindle app on my phone:

"Hey, Sergeant Hankins, can I-"

(Angrily looks up from phone, lashes out on poor, unsuspecting airman) "WHAAAAAAT?!?!"

@Falconer: If you can get access to the breaker and shut it off, then you and James can do this. (Don't do this with the power to that outlet on, unless you want more arc-y sparky):

After shutting off the breaker:
1) Check to make sure power to outlet is off. You could spend $20 on a cheap multimeter, but the really cheap and easy way to check is to plug something in, like your phone charger, and then go flip off the breaker. If your phone is not charging, the circuit is off.

2) Remove faceplate to outlet. Should be a single screw holding it to the outlet.

3) Undo the two screws holding the outlet to the electrical box in the wall. Should be one on top and one on bottom. Once done, gently pull the outlet out of the box.

4) Before disconnecting wires, note the following:

For a three-pin outlet (standard outlet), wiring color code is as follows:
-Hot Wire (Power-carrying wire)=Any color but white, green, or bare copper
-Neutral Wire (Return)= White
-Ground Wire (safety wire)= Green or bare wire

As you look at the outlet, you'll see that the outlet has different colored screws: two brass on one side, two stainless steel screws on the other, and on the bottom, a green screw. Your hot(s) go to the brass screws, the neutral(s) to the stainless screws, and the ground to the green screw. Or, as I like to say, "Gold is Hot, Silver is Not, and Green is Ground." Just remember that, and you'll be okay.

Anyway, that said, disconnect the wires from.the old outlet. Discard old outlet.

5) Attach wires to new outlet. Remember, hots to gold, silver to neutral, green or bare wire to ground.

6) Follow steps 2-3 in reverse order to mount the new outlet in the wall. If the plastic faceplate is broken too, this would be a good time to replace it.

7) Once new outlet is in the wall, turn on breaker and test to see if it works. Again, you can do this by plugging in something, or if you want to spend the money, you can check it with a voltmeter.

And that's literally it! Hope that helps!
I'll be coming back from the Middle East soon; looks like I'll be coming back right in time to go from scorching hot to freezing cold! What's a little -34° (ambient temperature back in Montana) and a Winter Weather Advisory among friends?
I dunno, based on past strips, I've seen you devour books like I do....With any luck, you'll be halfway through that pile come July. lol
I really like this one. Well done, Santa!
I'm glad you liked how it turned out. Merry Christmas, PabloKitsune!
This guy's douchebag levels are off the scale! I'm talking over 9000!
This is pretty slick! Thanks, Santa!
For a moment, I was happy to see the return of the chess scenes, but I think this is the saddest one I've seen yet. I mean, I saw a meltdown between these two coming, but seeing it delivered during one if the chess scenes is just heartbreaking. Which is to say, good writing.

The effort you expend and lengths you go to in order to rip out our hearts is much appreciated, Gibson. Thanks for the shenanigans!

(Jesus, does that last sentence make us readers masochists?)
@The_Hankerchief: It may not even need fixing, it could have just been a one time thing
Falc, I'm an electrician. I can explain what happened there. You experienced what's known as an "arc", where electricity tried to jump across from the outlet to the plug. Happens sometimes, especially when the outlet gets worn out and the contacts that hold the plugs sit loose.

The good news is, if you have two dollars, access to screwdrivers and the circuit breaker panel, I can tell you how to fix it. Takes less than ten minutes to swap a plug!
Ended up just shy. Getting moved to dayshift right at the end really screwed my sleep schedule, and by extension, my writing time, and I wasn't able to make up for it. I'll have it done by Monday, though.
I fell a little behind. I got switched to dayshift, and having to adjust my sleep schedule wreaked havoc on my ability to type. But I will endure!
@Gibson Twist: I blame cardboard manufacturers. I'm not fooled, I can see their subtle Nazi sponsorship!
Oh, Lordy. I see where this is headed. Haha
Sleep is important! If you let your body go too long without it, it'll come back to collect...with interest!
The cake is a lie?!