Real Name: Brennen Hankins
Age: 23
Gender: Male
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About Me

Hello, I'm Brennen Hankins. Prior to hosting my own comic, I ran a short series of comics in the school paper. Then, one day, while working on a fishing boat in Alaska, I decided, "You know what? I should start a webcomic." And here I am.

Currently, I am an enlistee in the United States Air Force. In my spare time, I like to hunt, fish, target shoot, off-road, play an occasional game, whether it be a video game or a pick up game of football, work at the family ranch, write, draw comics, travel, and all that good fun stuff. If you see me walking down the street, give me a strawberry rhubarb pie. I like those.

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Recent Comments

Comment on NO HAIR, NO of Falconer's Daily Strips
The_Hankerchief, 02 Oct 2015 04:36 am
@Falconer: She said the longer you go without getting a haircut, the less chance you'll have of giving your barber hair splinters. Military guys are usually the worst offenders, because we have length requirements that we have to follow (no more than 1 1/4 inch on top and 3/8 inch on the sides). Most clippers in military barbershops have little vacuum hoses attached to them that suck up the hair just for that reason.
Comment on NO HAIR, NO of Falconer's Daily Strips
The_Hankerchief, 01 Oct 2015 12:23 am
I recall getting my hair cut a few months back and the lady who was doing it was telling me about "hair splinters", the little bits of hair that stick to your skin and make you feel itchy. They're actually embedded IN your skin, like a regular wood splinter, but finer, which is why it's only itchy versus moderately painful. I never knew this before!
Comment on 1K Comics! of Falconer's Daily Strips
The_Hankerchief, 30 Sep 2015 04:04 pm
(Offers fist for bumping)

Please hurry, my pinky's going numb!
Comment on 01_24 of Steel & Manitou
The_Hankerchief, 26 Sep 2015 12:50 pm
Ouch, Cassidy. Are you really going to burn bridges with the woman who took you in fir several years?
Comment on Fluff Ball of Falconer's Daily Strips
The_Hankerchief, 17 Sep 2015 12:30 pm
It's possible. Ask Homer! Lol
Comment on Ellis 24 of Our Time in Eden
The_Hankerchief, 17 Sep 2015
That mirror reflection is staring into my soul, and I suddenly feel guilty about the ketchup stain on my shirt.
Comment on page 11 of Folklore
The_Hankerchief, 17 Sep 2015 11:26 am
If I have my mythology right, the Redcap is a being that ambushes unsuspecting travelers and dyes their caps red by dipping it in their victim's blood. Am I in the neighborhood?
Comment on FPN 1 page 8 of The Fifty-Peso Ninja
The_Hankerchief, 10 Sep 2015 09:14 pm
Finishing move title for the win!
Comment on 7.3 Bidaydas of Loud Era
The_Hankerchief, 08 Sep 2015 10:51 pm
I feel bad for Marie, but I also really like Aunt Hilda so far. She seems like she somewhat understands Marie's trepidation about being sent out there, and looks like she's trying her best to be accommodating.

Plus, she seems fun. Well, as fun as a farmer's wife in the early 20's can be, anyway.
Comment on Coffee Cute of Falconer's Daily Strips
The_Hankerchief, 08 Sep 2015 10:46 pm
You should join us for our yearly ritual on Facebook every February, where we attempt to drink 100 cups of coffee in February (That's the name of the group: Drinking 100 cups of coffee in February; look us up). It's fun, we get to learn cool things about coffee, and, as of last year, we now do it for charitable purposes! Seriously. I encourage all fine coffee lovers to join.

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