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They do make surface-mounted raceways for electrical outlets: it's a tube you attach to the wall, with an outlet at one end and two plugs that go into an existing outlet in the other. You can find them in the electrical section of Home Depot.
Psudonym, you and the Duck have been a sorely missed quotient here, and I'm awful glad to see you're back. Long live Question Duck!
Homer did this to me back during that incident where he had to wear the "Cone of Shame"; he tries to run past you into Grandma's house when you open the door, but when he had the cone on, it would catch between the back of your legs and the door jamb, and Homer runs fast (I once paced him going down Grandma's 1/4 mile lone driveway--he was keeping pace with my truck at 25 mph!) The end result usually consisted of the person he ran into falling down, and Homer recoiling into the garage in a semi-hilarious fashion.

Needless to say, he was pretty happy when his stitches came out and we were able to take the cone off. lol
One of the perks they don't tell you about when you join the military is, as long as you either currently live there or have lived there previously (with the exception of when you're formally getting discharged), you can claim residency in any state you want. I chose to maintain my Alaska residency, and in the wake of the senator of the state I'm stationed in now (Montana) getting appointed as the Secretary of the Interior, during the special election Montana is holding to replace him, I take great joy in telling political activists "Nope, not voting; I'm not a resident of this state, and don't plan to be!". It's really nice.
"Bones 20% off until Halloween."
If this is the Spaghetti Bowl in Las Vegas, I'm surprised they're moving along. Traffic's always slow when I go down there! XD
You know what happens when you assume....
I'll second that. Found out a buddy of mine got killed in a motorcycle accident at a bar in Anchorage, several years back. And the crying thing is accurate.
.....Wow. This really hit home for me. It was a very short story, but it was wonderfully written, and conveys a hell of a lot in a relatively small amount of space. Well done!
(fires up the torches)

What was the name of the site, so we can properly flame them?
That Last Panel
....will haunt my dreams forever.
I'll be damned if the comments section didn't come back at the darnedest time. Lord, but those last few pages were hard to read in one sitting.

Just another form of proof that validates your skills as a writer, Gibson. You know just where to poke in a manner that really makes us in the audience feel it.
James has his priorities in order.
I needed this today. Thanks.
I wonder if he's doing this as some weird form of penance?
Well, let's see if Dad needs to make good on his insurance policy again
I have the opposite problem. I sleep like a brick, and am impossible to wake up. And when I do wake up, I'm like a diesel engine in cold weather: takes a minute to warm up and get going, but when I am, I'll run all day. Lol
@megamario1392: I personally was going to go with "Man With A Harmonica", from Once Upon A Time In The West, but then, while looking for a YouTube link to post (because not everybody shares my enthusiasm for film scores and Westerns), I came upon a live cover Muse did, right before they segued into "Knights of Cydonia". If that mashup isn't perfect for epic fight scenes, I don't know what is.
My girlfriend has Graves' Disease, meaning gluten makes her really sick, so I've had to adjust my eating habits a bit to accommodate, lest I just make her buy her own groceries (which I wouldn't). It's shocking just how much she can't eat because of it. So I can feel James' pain.

Also, every time I ask a store associate where the gluten-free (insert food item that can be made without gluten), I feel like a trendy douchebag hipster. Lol
Reminds me of when poor Homer had to wear the Cone of Shame.

Poor lunkhead would try to run between you and the door frame as you walked into the house, only the cone would catch both the door jamb and the back of your legs as he would barrel ahead full bore (I once clocked him running down my grandmother's 1/4 mile long driveway; he was keeping pace with my truck at 25 MPH!) The poor person he ran into would trip, he'd ricochet like a bullet hitting steel plate and bounce back onto the garage, then get up and look at you like nothing happened. Lol