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And now, I have become Hank, the writer of comics

Secret Santa info: If you don't know me well, General.Hankins is my twin brother. He's cool. I like outdoorsy stuff and the Northern Lights. Also, The Dresden Files, Monster Hunter International, and Roadkill (the Automotive YouTube show)!

I'm also working on a book involving a female private investigator that has the ability to jump through shadows. About halfway through, and pretty excited about it. I sent some reference pics to Smack Santa to send to my giftee, if they'd like to attempt drawing her. Thank you so much!
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I've yet to make the swap myself. My laptop is on its last leg, and I'm milking it for all it's worth. Not bad for a laptop I've had for eight years, but the end is nigh.

Then again, my desktop still runs XP.....
"If you work for a living, why do you kill yourself working?"
Maybe if the woman on the left was willing to donate the chicken to the cause, he'd get up!
By the way, if you ever get the chance to go to Guam, go. I highly recommend it!
D Minus, Peter, D Minus
Perhaps whistle it?
I'm currently about 180 miles south of Lethbridge....
@IamBlair: Apologies for the late reply! The hats are, in order:
-Mario's Hat, Top Row, Right Corner
-Link's Cap: 2nd Row from Top, Left Corner
-Pokémon Trainer's Hat, 3rd From Top, Left Corner
-Professor Layton's Top Hat (from the Professor Layton puzzle games): Bottom Row, Left Corner
-Princess Peach's Crown, Bottom Row, Center

I was debating on making Link's Cap green, to make it more obvious, but I rather liked the theme I had going, using MissFortune's colors. And I wasn't sure if you were into the Layton games at all, but I was running out of video game hats to draw. Haha

Anyway, glad you liked it! This was the most fun SS drawing I've done to date!
P.S. There are five famous video game hats from four different games included in here. Can you name them all?
Glad you liked it, @IamBlair! Merry Christmas!
For the love of Christ and Spices, indeed. Rhiannon looks awesome!

I love this! Thank you very much, Santa! <3
There's a book series called "The Codex Alera", where in-universe, the term "bloody crows" is one of the worst curse words somebody can use.

I feel it would be appropriate to use it here. Bloody crows!
@Falconer: So, you're saying you really were a Northerner all along?
@Rexhinalt: You know St. Regis? I pass through there all the time!
I identify heavily with Peter in that second-to-last panel. You might remember what kind of dildo I was when I first joined the readership; not malicious, just ignorant, and sometimes that showed. I'm still just a jackass hillbilly, but I'm proud to say I'm a more empathetic, open-minded jackass hillbilly. And I heavily credit you and this comic with being a big part of that.

So, once again, thanks and cheers, Gibson.
I see you and posit that there are no -terrible- Stones songs. However, their pre-disco stuff was definitely top shelf.
We are seeing an older, wiser Peter.

.....I just imagined that sentence as a double-entendre. You're welcome for the visual.
Based at second panel, is that a Mexican dish? Based on what I can see, it looks like corn on the cob covered in some sort of spice or hot sauce, but I've never heard the name or seen it before.

In either case, I really want to try it!
Lady Cluck, the mighty Egg Horse!
Egg horse is now the official name for a chicken.

.....I'll notify Merriam-Webster.