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Crowning Moment of Awesome
@GoldenJoe: "Combat pop!"
The advantage of owning a smaller dog is, t they're susceptible to the Law of Gross Tonnage (which is usually used as one of the reasons I drive a truck): When two objects collide at the same speed, the heavier object always wins.

A case study of this: me vs. Quincy (my mom's schnauzer). Quincy likes to steal my spot on the couch. I like my spot on the couch. Quincy is 40 lbs. of bearded stubbornness. I am 160 lbs. of mustachioed stubbornness. I am 4 times his weight and refuse to relocate, and there's nothing he can do about it.

(He doesn't like being moved, but when he steals my seat, it's usually because I got up to get food, and if he isn't nice to me, I don't share, so he's quick to forgive)
Not condoning Patrick's actions, but did anyone else notice the interesting role reversal here?
At least Caldwell can take comfort in the fact that he set the monster on fire with that sick burn before he dies. lol
Still the best time of the year, though.
I'm imagining "Triggernometry" (from Red Dead Redemption) playing in the background, and it fits, but I'm not sure why.
@mitchellbravo: Huh. Sounds good; I'll have to look for a place that serves it when I get back to the States!
Pardon me and my lack of culture; what is naan?
Poor crustaceans. They never get any love.

Except Dungeness crab. They can go screw themselves, mostly because they're mean little buggers and their legs taste delicious.
The Big Bottle O' Jack is empty!

...Christo would be so disappointed.

(A reference, for those who don't recall: come-13/ )
You might've hurt their feelings, so they destroyed themselves just to spite you. All because you couldn't pull a Cory Hart and "wear your sunglasses at night." Way to go, Falc. XD
I see where you're going with this, and there's merit to the argument. Trickcard also has the right idea; a break - action would be simple to use, simple to load, and would better handle the kick (as well as be absolutely brutal at close range). There's a lot that can be done with this, really. Like everyone else, though, I can't wait to see Caldwell in action!
Ahahaha yes! Gun Mage for the win!
I see where you're going with this, and I love it to death, but I'm not going to spoil it by saying it here. I will say, though, that if I'm right, Caldwell is going to need a badass hat to match!
@Falconer: could be a real life equivalent to the Tanooki suit in Super Mario 3!
@Falconer: I was thinking poncho, like the one Clint Eastwood wore in the Dollars Trilogy westerns. Also kind of reminds me of the mantle on my duster (that long brown coat I wear around)
When I'm home, I take the dogs with me when I go into town, and Homer likes to perch up either on the center console (if I'm in a vehicle that has one) or, if I'm driving my brother's truck or Grandpa's old truck, on the top of the backrest of the bench seat. Problem is, in both of those trucks, the seat back is very thin, so to keep his balance, he'll push against your shoulder whenever you make a turn. This doesn't work when you have to turn abruptly, though, and he occasionally will fall off in a comical fashion. He just shakes it off, though, and hops back up like there's nothing wrong, tongue hanging out, happy as can be. Silly dog.