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it looks so cool
i did think celebi could be evil wow! and its starting to get interesting
its so sad
plz save him!!!!!
this is so good , but jack isnt evil anymore so why is she still mad at him?
u should put this on lulu so people will buy it i would buy it :)
this is getting good :D
luv that art work its so good
:3 i luv it
aw i want to read more its the best manga ever i would luv to have a packback version at home
this is so cool :3
so cool i luv suits! now u make me want to drawing a charcter with a suit
its so cute i luv it!!!!!!!!!!1
awesome i luv all the different face expressions
i love this manga! keep up the good work.i will continue reading when u upload more.
i love looking at different outfits btw they look awesome
luv your drawing style