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I'm glad your back, so, welcome back and...

Happy Birthday! (well, late birthday now^^)
Squee! Too cute! <3
Aw... Kawaii!

I think I love these brothers, lol.

Hope you feel better soon...
Travis is just so cute! And aww... Taki cares about Travis, or so it seems^^
Update^^ Yay for new page!

Happy New Years to you too!
That's a cute couple... and a cute cover^^
T.T Poor Travis... even if it's been said so many times... I still feel sorry for him.
Aww... Great page^^
Kawaii~! That is just too cute^^
I tried chocolate cheescake before... I wasn't really that fond of it...

Anyway... Great Comic^^
I really like your art style... and your comic in general^^ Fav'd