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that heavy is a spy is a scout
*tear runs down cheek* i hardly uploaded and i was gonna have the opportunity soon as well, BUT! WE SHALL STAY STRONG!
i like, im so random
@RedHead2J: sweet, now...who else?
who wants to join me in a group?
i wonder wht costume i should have...just wear wht i normally do ALL BLACK!!!
@senalcoolage: my my my, you are a master troll aren't you? any other people you trolled and they hated you for?
wait...why did u ask?
seems kinda suspicious...
not accusing u for anything tho
ok then ^^
gotta problem?
still good tho
I know my website isnt much, but do u think you can see it at least?
Search: "Kingsley Comics"
And could you also comment as well?

Yours sincerely

Ozan The Elementhog