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Yoai yaoi yaoi! that is all i have to say. i love anime have over 200 anime dvds and over 150 mangas. My favorite anime would have to be saiyuki or full metal alchemist. My favorite manga at the moment is Full moon.
if you are still accepting requests sora x riku would be awesome if you do yaoi
you keep updating like regularly. . .. THANK YOU! it is really nice to see this comic alive again and i look forward to each page! i want a human pokemon *pout*
October 27th, 2008
yay for updates! thanx for the new comic pages . . . oh and by the way THEY ARE AWESOME!
cute comic and i enjoyed todays update.

i just thought you should know a friend of mine. . . well her grandfather is going through what your grandmother was probably going through. It hard to have to go through someones death. . . It even harder to see someone suffer from it. . . I just wanted to say im sorry for your lose and i hope something brighter comes your way.
cool post! I haven't posted here. . . since the old stuff! anyways cute post! totally not with the uglyness.

Mister Cat looks older in this page though. I think its cute! ^_^

Cant wait to see more!
GLUECHAN UPDATED! *dies* nice page kyy
i know i havent posted yet but love the story! best friend of kYy . . . she lacks in the updating *puppy eyes* ITS NOT WORKING! lol love the page! i love the way you drew her Doc >w<
alswome your updating again! >W< i cant wait to see the next pages. i cant wait till things get. . . "interesting" ^_~
you have been updating more TT_TT crys tears of joy. i cant wait for the storys plot to make itself known >W<
real good. im glad you updated. i was woundering what has happening to this webcomic >W< i mean when i found out this webcomic i read the whole fanfiction in like two days >W< now all i cant wait for it this comic to update! so thanx for updating and i hope to see more pages in the future ^-^
AWWW THATS SO CUTE! anyways im so happy you updated >W< ive been missing this webcomic ^_^
in the last panel travis looked really like a girl . . . NO! >w<
i love all your comics but i mean i hope you dont niglet your other comics. i mean im in love with this comic and also the bunny and the snake one too >o< and that one is almost forgotten TT_TT *still looks at new comic*. . .
agrees with kana ^-^
keep up the alswome work >o<
ending it on because
that makes me a sad panda!
i want to hear his answer darn it!
^-^;; update soon! >o<
omg takis so cute! >.< i just want to glomp him! ^-^
joins XxHaNlxX in squeeing!
>o< cuteness!
finally! *glomps artist* thank you! >.< hes so adorable!
and that last line was great! "you could actually talk to someone instead of flicking them off" that made my day ^_^ cant wait for more and thanx >o<
your chibis are so adorable! >o<
just a suggestion. i like the new one and old one but if you want to draw a new one. maybe draw all four of the main charactors showing theyre true colors. like have mr.emo in a corner and have kaoru looking girly and have hizumi looking stuck up. you know like that kindof thing. just a suggestion ^_~