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the comic's going on "vacation"
well, not really, my computer broke down and I can't make any more strips for a while

Pity that that happened just as the plot started to kick in, but that's life
I Really apologize
but once again, I'm having schoolwork problems, I'll try to get the strip on next week, but for now, the comic is taking a break until the end of the passover vacation (two weeks)
really, really sorry about that
but I didn't had time to do the comic due to The TONS of schoolwork that I got, but it should be online by sunday night
Due to schoolwork
today's comic will be posted on sunday
The G stand for "Girl", that, along with the oversized V for, well, "Vampire", makes Em's superhero name. I'm sorry if it wasn't clear.

And, yes, what D means WILL be revealed , it'll take some time, but it will (it's not so much of a revelation, but some poeple don't like spoilres, however minor they are)
Sorry about not using my normal font
I used my dad's computer for this one, and he didn't have the font (but I did got line thanks to that!)

also, I think I'm overusing the "D getting hit while talking" thnig, so I'll try to keep those at the minimum
I changed it, I gusses that's what happens when you update at 3:00 AM

in panel 4, I meant the vampires' power, maybe I'll change it sometime
this week comic
it may be late due to Hanukkah, sorry about that...
sorry about cutting to her mid-fight
but expect a very special MID-WEEK POST, around Tuesday
I'm having some problems with cast page, sorry
Sorry if the lines look a little weird, the scanner has been doing some problems
also, I'm trying a new font, tell me what you think
Strip 12 is taking some time becuase of Homework,sorry
I didn't want to do it at first, for the reason you mentioned (spoilers) but after I thought about it for a few minutes, I think I could do it-maybe after I'm done with the next strip
strip 8
I hope that the strip is clear-I was never good in exposition, it's either too obvious or too subtle. but I hope I've found balance