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Come on now... isn't a month a bit too long of a wait, even considering real life obligations? An update... please!
Next Arc
Tang and Bas are at their best when they're cute; so, the next arc should be a baby animal: gosling!
I like it.
I like it. Somehow, with just a few words, and simple pictures, it captures all of the personality of Tang and Bas that you've been building for the last couple hundred strips. And congrats on passing the 200 mark.
Bas Dahn Arc
That's right, Bas is so friendly and carefree, just like a cuddly little animal and... <gasp>... "Bas Dahn" is 7 letters? They're all going to become little Bas Dahn's!
Doing Fine
You're doing fine. Keep up the good work.
I like it. Bas Dahn reminds of a cuter, more innocent Calvin (of Calvin & Hobbes) in this strip.
I second either of Zik's two suggestions.
Still liking Tang better with each of these latest strips.
Poor Tang. I know that he's been some folk's favorite all along, but I'm just beginning to like him with these latest strips. Good luck with the finals!
Oops. But the facial expressions are still right on.
Congrats! I, too, am looking foward to the next 100.
Nice Plot Twist
I didn't see this one coming - that at the same time Bas's Mom busted up his first date, his best friend would open the door to the competition. Nice plot twist.
Learning Curve
Ah.... so Bas did learn something from his experience with the giraffes. But I'm glad that A isn't listening to him. The next few strips should be fun.
A Natural
She seems to be a natural. Good luck to Bas. I hope that his practice pays off.
Arch Villain to Be?
What a face in that last screen. Does sweet, cynical Tang have it in him to be an arch villain after all?
A Way With Words
Tang not good with words? He's saying exactly the right thing. And it's neat to see the friendship developing - Tang becoming an important part of the team, not just a cynic.
I was thinking of all those cats that Bas Dahn reeled off a while back: panthersis, leopardsis, cheetahsis... somehow those sound faster and sleeker than the same with "bro" on the end.
sis is good
Actually, going through a list of animals in my head and adding either bro or sis to the end, I think that sis comes out sounding better more often than not.
Great Job
You're doing a great job making each strip have a complete idea, while at the same time keeping the whole story moving on.
OK, I'll hand it to you: great character development in only four boxes. But the "wallabroski" strip is still (to me) the most entertaining so far. BTW, I still don't get how Jerry convinced Bas that he "owed" a new recruit. Is it just that Bas is gullible about everything?