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HUZZAH! I EXIST! Alright, it's your comic, I know that. But still, have to say it. I may seem Random and all that shizz, and if Z was actually like me in real life, I would TOTALLY say shizz like that. But Z is more like...I dunno, a manifestation of my more quiet side. He doesn't speak much, and when he does, he is normally VERY polite. He has a short temper, for one so quiet and polite, and when he has blown his top, so to speak, he is very loud and...well, I must say, quite annoying. But, it IS YOUR comic. So I don't really have much say in the way you make it and write it. In other news, ElementalZ blew his top and destroyed a Humane Society today...In other, OTHER news: Yayyyy, ElementalZ is here~ Happiness reigns, once AGAIN! HAHA! *teleports away with magical powahs of stupidity*
Yo. When is Skurai going to make an appearance?
Please do not steal
Because, Major Mongo has a chainsaw to pick with people who steal.
He's back....
Tell me what you think is wrong/needs added.
Made for Zone by ElementalZ. YAY.
I made these to put on my sprite sheets, then I realized, you could toooooooooo! 8D I take Zero bar requests, so, please ask me to do stuff for you....I'MSOLONELYLONELYLONELY......
MYGODJERIX. HOW'VE YOU BEEN YOU OLD BASTARD? You got much better. I'm thoroughly impressed. GOODJOBOLDBOY.
Team Narrators is on the scene.
Team Narrators, consisting of Elemental "ElementalZ" Zero, Joee, and Major "Meta Mongo" Mongo. As Skurai beats the living hell out of Sonic, and, this time, Shadow, Team Narrators appears and smites him. And ElementalZ sprouts some very awesome looking hippie wings.
Please ask the permissions...
I mean, listen to the credit box, please. It would make me very happy. :D...But right now I'm sad. :(
@LL C@P$ F0R 7H3 W1N.
Where did he come from?
And as Sonic gets beaten down, he is saved by Shadow.(Huzzah! More bragging rights for Shadow!)
Made for a good friend
Joee the Chihauhau. Nough' said.
Damn you artists.
My artist backed out, so I'll be doing each page by hand, now.
As Sonic and Blast visit the eyeless Shadow in the hospital, an unexpected guest comes to visit...God I hope the visiting hours are over.
I REALLY don't like late pages.
I know, not so great, but...
MajorJMongo,(Courtesy of MajorJMongo) Kenzie, and Skurai all meet up. Eye see Shadow's bleeding a lot, there.(God I suck.)(Blast the cat sprites courtesy of Genisisuniverse.)
Bad pun, eye know.
The fight starts, and Shadow loses his eye....Quite painfully, eye must add.