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Hello !

My name is Eve ! I would love to be your friend !

I submitted an account for just plain Evielow, but I mistyped my e-mail and I do not know how to fix it Q .Q So, I could not register. So, now I'm Evielow2. /// !

Let it be known, I am very bad at computers and technology.
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September 9th, 2010
Eve's Comment
Aha ha ha ha, anatomy at it's best, aha ha ha ha OTL;;; ! !

These seem to be getting lazy again x D~~

=u= Lot's of dead people coming. Q AQ. I'm to feminine for this 8 ^8.
September 7th, 2010
Eve's Comment
I have a lot of dun doodles these = u=

This story actually has a lot to do with water, I'm not being weird x D~ !

You get their names now >u< ! I have too much fun doodling these, but I wish I would make them pretty Q oQ !
September 6th, 2010
Eve's Comment
Slightly less lazy page >w< ! !

:: means Act, : means chapter and p. means page. If you are wondering Q AQ !

Hope you enjoy ! =^.^= !
I feel minority bad that this will probably be all sketched out.

All of these sketches normally take less than five or ten minutes Q AQ.

I do not wish to do it with Photoshop, because it does not like my intuos 4, and so, I do the sketches in Sai.

Will anyone recommend a good manga program ? Other than Manga studios. I am not good at manga studios = n=

Thank you so far who have fav'd this ! ! You have a lot of patience to deal with these bad sketches >w< !
September 4th, 2010
Eve's Comment
This is the last one in the prologue, so now you don't have to look at the poor thing Q .Q

I hope you like it !

Or at least can make out what is it !

I need new art programs Q .Q Maybe I can scrounge up commissions somewhere TT ^TT. . .

Thank you those few who like it so far !
Eve's Comment
This is just a promo disk thingy = 3=.

I hope you like it !
September 4th, 2010
Eve's Comment
Andy Q AQ ! !

I... I don't think he is waking up Q AQ...

Ha Ha, sorry about the laziness again ~ ~ I wish I had a good Manga program, maybe I wouldn't just sketch it >w< !
Eve's Comment
= A=... I have a very sad way of starting things... !

I hope you enjoy my little story "Revolt". I do apologise it is not as clean as it should be. I am only doing this really for fun * u*