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Hello, I'm Kami-Chan and I am studding in a Comic College called Serios in Sweden :D
I'm new on this page but I hope to learn it soon!
Please go visit my Deviantart too
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Last page, hope you enjoyed it
Here you can se my two lite Characters Emelie (2 ponytails) and Sally (1 Ponytail).
Just so you know, this was a personal project of mine to try to make a children's comic.
Very ugly cover I know |D
Love it!
Hello, I had just read all your comic pages and I just love it. Rune Factory is one of my favorite games ever and your comic was so well drawn and funny C:
I really hope you continue it someday!
Thank you Tikalie!
The cover is drawn by my wonderful friend Tikalie-Wolf ( and I am very grateful that you took your time to make this.
I was going to make the cover myself but I was to stress with the deadline and all so i hired her... |D
Thank you again Tikalie-San!!!!