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Drown the Chameleon
Well ,what should I say?
First of all, I'm german, so don't be surpised about my wretched english ^^;
I'm a big fan of games (Sonic!!) and animes (One Piece!! Fairy Tail!!) and like the color blue, sport, spriting comics, cola, pizza :p and a lot more things.

I'm listening Crush 40, Zebrahead, Skillet, Three Days Grace, Thousand Foot Krutch, 30 Seconds to Mars, Powerman 5000, Nickelback, Masterplan, Papa Roach, Cryoshell, Within Temptation, Rise Against, Linkin Park etc.

I don't have any idea to write more, that's why I stop here xDD
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    Jirka M. Petersen
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@Blitz3124: Why not? If there's also a lamp at the other side of the tunnel? There has to be two shadows, one on each wall.
FIRE SONIC APPEARS!! By using the power of the mysterious mask Sonic unleashed this burning form of his. This appearance of Fire Sonic is supposed to be a credit to "AlvinEarthworm". He is, what most of you guys surely know, the creator of the awesome sprite series "Super Mario Bros. Z" and additionally the master mind between "Fire Sonic's" creation! I love the series, especially the episode with Fire Sonic, so this should be a suitable credit to his efforts! Although Sonic didn't transform into this form by using a fire flower, it's still pretty much the same ^^ AlvinEarthworm FTW!!
Sadly this was the end of the chapter, so the end of the fight will not be sure :D
ONE of the masks? Sounds familiar... and what kind of power does he mean?
Sonic gets pissed that even the air is shaking. How will this end?
The fight between Phantom and Sonic continues...
Knuckles' opponent starts to get serious!
Hey everybody, it's been a veeery long time! I know that for sure. But here and now I'm going to upload the whole end of the second chapter! Eight pages! Enjoy it guys, that was one hell of a cliffhanger... xD
@sim37546 : it's not about luca, but about what happens to him and the village.
@Ultimate the Hedgehog: Well, I guess that's what I wanted to make clear. The difference between those two robots and the robots from the beginning of the chapter, that they're not also differ in their strength and appearance, but as well in their way to speak. You can also see that on page 18, I tried to make that clearer by giving them an other font, the font I use for all characters actually. But thank you for your telling me that, I'll remember this! ^^
The clash between Sonic and Phantom starts in a flash! This is it for this update guys! Sry about that ^^ I try, as always, to update the comic as soon as possible! In the mean time, have fun and see ya!
The mysterious assasin introduces himself.
Sonic's side: Sonic and Tails hear an explosion. Distracted and worried about Knuckles, they don't notice that someone's using the distraction for his own good.
Knuckles alone in the tube tunnel. He soon finds out that he's absolutely not alone in there!
Sonic and the others decide to split up in two groups. Hopefully that's the right decision....
Hey everybody,
it's time for another update of Legends of Mobius. This time with 6 brand new pages! I know not that much again, but studying takes its time as well -.- However, I hope u enjoy the pages!
Don't forget to comment and fave! ;D

Greetz Drown
@that guy you know: yeah, I was wondering when someone would notice it ^^ that has a special reason... but I do not spoil ;P
@godmoderncommander Simple answer: Look at the 8th and the 9th panel. There you can see that the robots aren't standing in the 8th panel, but in the 9th panel. That means that they showed up when Sonic and the others already veered away from the grave.
Two dangerous shadows are watching our heroes. Just some more underlings or are they a real threat?
That's all for now guys! Five pages. I try to make more pages as long as I have holidays and try to upload them as soon as possible! I already drew a new picture ;) Hope u liked that update!
Greetz Drown!