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@Lesbian Comics: LOL I totally know that feeling.

I've had short hair since I was 11 or so, but the style changed over the years. But each time I get it cut, I react the same. Especially lately. I go about 2 years without cutting it, it grows out and I can stick it in a ponytail, and then cut it. I have to re-adjust the shaking of my own head, too, because all the weight is gone and I might shake my neck right out of place. XP Or snap my head right off.... At least that's what it feels like.
@lawlessearth: Great to see you back, lawless. *pats* If you need any help, I'm always around. I don't know what help I can offer, but the offer IS there. *smiles*
July 5th, 2013
I HAVE I HAVE I HAVE!~ I've been reading for 5 years~! I even stalked you on DA. XD Anywhere else I need to stalk you at??
@artificer urza: Though, I have to say I've gotten used to the crap Bern is going through... The lack of positivity to her given situation has become pretty regular.
@artificer urza: lol Sorry about that, what I meant is normally in most things I read, I can kinda map things out. It's very rare when a story doesn't follow the usual patterns for it's type. You hand out a lot of surprises, but I really did forget that she was a kid.
I didn't actually. For once. O_O I'd almost forgotten that she was a child to start with.
@Lesbian Comics: lol Ain't that the damn truth. *sighs heavily and pats you on the shoulder* I totally know the feeling.

Some day, I'll have to share the story about my "Vampire Stalker" with you. *rolls eyes* That's a good one.
@Lesbian Comics: LMFAO!! *high-5's Lesbian Comics* Fuck yea!
@Lesbian Comics: Really? Sad. O_O What shows would you suggest?
lol I know that feel, chica, TOTALLY know that feel. XD And now, I must watch said show.
YESSS!!! I have awaited your return, lawlessearth!
Style change~!
TT_TT I wanna see more! O_O
December 29th, 2012
@archiloquy: *pat pat* lol Take your time. I, personally, I'm in no hurry. *smiles*
December 29th, 2012
@iDizzyKizzy: lol Nice job. ^_^ It is cute!
December 27th, 2012
Someone forgot the stuby tail. O_O
*chuckles* She certainly is adjusting quickly....
I would have up and left. If the teacher asked why, I have my reasons, but the biggest to is being a survivor of horrible things men did to me, and secondly, I find the male anatomy to be one of the most disgusting and undignified things on earth.
@lawlessearth: I was expecting this, and it was because of the ulterior motive that I did.

That, and I already saw Miles clumsiness way in advance. It would have been like a fairytale ending, had that actually worked.

I probably won't actively comment during their time apart, but I WILL still stay and read.

Honestly, these last few pages of this chapter suddenly gave me a sudden surge and I want to work on my book now. I'd been stuck for a while, hitting a wall in my brain, but this actually kinda boosted my brain a little and I feel like I can accomplish some work in my book.

Thanks, lawelessearth. *hugs*