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I work on art in various forms + this comic.

The "dragonelves"( The Latin breed name of my dragonelves are Dracoreas, from draconigena [dragon-born] and Oreas [mountain nymph] ), a breed which are a mix of some of my favorite creatures; wolves, elves, horses and dragons, which I created in my early teens.

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I'm sorry for the delay, but right now I am a full time student and wont be able to update my comic on regular basis for quite some time now.

Maybe after Desember when I am done with my commissions I'll get back to my comic again.
@IronWolfQueen: Thank you for such nice words. <3
Due to family and personal issues I'm a bit behind on my webcomic Era of Orlon, and will probably not be able to update until mid April, hopefully.
I have to travel home to my family this Easter and will be away from my computer and Photoshop.
Happy New Year!
The holidays always takes a large bite of my time and inspiration, so here is a belate update on my comic!

(Please keep in mind my English is not my first language D; )
Ariero you dumbfu*k. >:B
Managed to cram in a new page before I move to my new apartment! Enjoy!
This will be the last update for this month, hopefully the next page will come together nicely after I have moved to a new apartment 1th November.
Now I have to use October to pack, throw shit and all that jazz...
Seriously delayed, but here is page 53!

Ravn is not supposed to use his fire powers on other dragonelves, but in this case it's a special case of crazy.

Jolon has anger issues... <.<;;
Thank you! Byron is a male, like his name says. ;) I may look like he got female breasts cuz of his shirt cleavage showing off his fit chest muscles.
Not my best coloring, but oh well...
Page friggin' 50! W00t!

As you can see, I did some changes to Ravn, I decided to give him a wolf tail instead of dragon tail, to make his wolf design more complete all over. Also I toned his skin color more dark to suit his fur color better.
Trying out a quicker way to color every page from now on. >.<
I am trying out new ways to color quicker so I can update more often. :c
Ewww straight sex!!!

(Sheila is kneeling on the bed, that's why she appears taller.) ;)

I changed the speech bubbles so it's easier to write in them. :B
This is a quick colored page so it is missing some good backgrounds.

I have been attending a con here in my town plus a exibithion at a local cafè so this past months have been very hectic for me. I am going back to drawing and coloring on A4 pages instead of A3 to be able to update more often.

Sheila, have some dignity and cover your tata's.