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I love manga, anime, and all the paraphernalia that comes with it! I enjoy drawing and writing in my spare time, and I'm totally obsessed with MMORPGs.
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Yes yes yes yes! -bounces up and down-
I want a sequel! I want an epilogue! I want smut! *o*
I cried irl. WHY YOU DO DIS?!

I loved this comic though. It's a real masterpiece. I'm definitely going to download it and make a copy for my laptop, so whenever I need a laugh or I'm getting trolled on Call of Duty I can just bring it up.
Thank you so much for making this wonderful comic. It's relatable on SO many levels, and you make headcrabs so cute! >w<
I hope you keep making video-gamed based webcomics so I can keep reading them. Happy Holidays, Keetah, and once again, thank you!
Omg, wall of text. TLDR >:C
It's almost scary how much I can relate with this comic..

Keep updating! I LOVE YOU! -waves around a sign that says "I <3 Keeta!"-
I love it! I can't wait until it gets juicier!