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poor doggy must have lost his sense of smell to not smell any of them. Especially Killy or Kal since he's part racoon...wombat...wolverine thing.
IF you would delete the comment made by me as a guest
I accidentally forgot to log in, ahem.

"The world's an adventure! Let's Go Exploring" The final words of the mighty comic Calvin & Hobbes, I thought they would be appropriate. Merry late Christmas Keetah and may you have many new adventures.
An empty street with no lines and a dilapidated building corner, FORESHADOWING?!?! Me thinks so.
And we all appreciate the work you and Adam put into this comic!
NUMBERS! Nightmares from Halo CE? HELL YES! DAMN YOU LIBRARY and your sometimes endless flood waves. At the end of the library, you really do have to run to the lift or you will die, even on normal because they never god dang stop!

I don't really have a "black is teh awshum" thing. It's just one of my favorite colors, or conglomoration of all colors if you please, but you really couldn't tell by looking at me. I own almost no black clothing except for a few pants. You'd think my favorite color was rainbow with the crap I wear.
I was going to ask if anyone else thought of the fast zombies when they saw the drain pipe rattling, that answers that question.
@ToonTom: Let me give you a hint. Super speed and thermal detonators work wonders, you just have to know where the worm actually is. You can tell, it's difficult, from looking at the top of the sand.
I don't think I've ever actually had a literal nightmare in my sleep, but some things just scare me silly. Playing through Half-life 1 without cheats for the first time, The flood in general in Halo CE and especially the library, the fact that in CE they got back up randomly after you killed them made them just horrendous. There was my first time in Ravenholme, I LOATHE fast and poison zombies, especially together. The only thing that redeemed Ravenholme was Father Grigori, it's a shame Valve said they weren't using him again. It would be well worth the wait for episode or half-life 3 if he came back. Turning a corner in fallout 3 to literally see a Centaur standing one pixel in front of me, I hit the vats button and jumped out of my chair so fast I almost hit the ceiling. There probably plenty more but I can't remember right now, I'm a huge pansy when it comes to being scared.
@Keetah: No I knew about the ceiling in chapter one, it's just whenever I see a guy with wings, I always think they can only hover. Games and their "balancing" have corrupted me, now everything I see I think "Nerf, nerf, nerf, beef up, nerf, beef up." Damn you Sage...that's Bungie's balancing dude I believe.

Afraid of birds.."Ornithophobia"...I think I'd be more afraid of the fact that a guy with wings was about to brain me with a guitar. :P
"Next page we'll have to go back to idiots talking again, oh boy XD" I resent that, I am not an idiot I'm a psyc- oh wait those idiots, never mind :P. This is great perspective, It's nice to see Bobby's biological powers fleshed a little more. I used to think all he could do is hover about 20 feet for a while :)
The dye is working, MY DR. STEINMAN LIVES ! IT LIVES!
If there's any more cuteness in this comic, my computer will start puking rainbows and artifacts. lol
GUFFAAWWW! Not garfield minus garfield! That comic is messed up. Although the comic where Jon shouts "There's lasagna under the bed" Is hilarious when taken out of context like that. On to the comic, I don't believe I've ever cut school for video games. I think I missed school only when I was sick or something important went down, yes I was that nerd. That nerd who didn't want anything wrong with his record lol.
@Adamska: EDIT: Now that I think about it, and look back on my idiocy, I can see where you're coming from and how all this started. These misunderstanding are happening to me a lot lately. Sorry :\ I really need to work on this foresight thing.
My apologies if I offended any of you.
@Adamska: Not what I meant. I wasn't asking for humor, plus you need to see the whole conversation. IF you did, then nevermind but that's not what I was talking about or asking for. *facenuke* wait, WHAT THE FU-*BOOM* P.S.:*NO MALICIOUS INTENT OR TONE IN THIS COMMENT*
Silly me, I forgot to keep track of this comic. Continuing on, I realize you want this comic to contrast the stark-raving insanity of AGOTS, but the reason I brought that up was because early on in the museum, I could see some humor breaking though (no not the disturbing april fools page) and I was just saying. Oh well, moving on I like where this is going.
I'm going as Doctor Steinman, my favorite villain from Bioshock. The acting for him is incredible, if not short lived.
So I heard you like headcrabs
@Keetah: By the way, is that rebel that's been in the tower sluggy? Is it just another random? I just thought of that now. Also, I think if he is in Valhalla (heaven, same thing) that he's probably not fighting. His speech when the tanks show up got me a little, "You'll never stop comin', do you? Every time I think we're done. Every time I think, "She's finally safe, I can finally rest." There you are again. Like a bad nightmare. And I have had. ENOUGH." Seems like his heaven is seeing them all save C: Ok, I'm done being nerdy for someone who doesn't exist.
Bill all the way. Why? Did you read the "Passing" comic (just asking)? He's most likely got lung cancer, he was going to have an operation for who-knows-what before the infection overwhelmed the staff, he's lived his life more than all the others and all he ever wanted was for them to be safe. He's a marine too, he would never let other's die for him when they don't have to. Let's send you out with a bang, soldier! OORAH!