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Happy Holidays to everyone here!
I loved the old AD&D games. I had the most insane mage. She set fire to an entire forest just to destroy the body of another player character. Killed herself in a Wild magic zone. Thankfully she kept clones of herself handy. She was last seen hunt down a bugbear that owed her money.
They are in trouble now!! I no think Evon likes being ignored like that!
December 9th, 2010
HAHA!! I looked back!!
And thus we see the end of Evon. With Hero in a coma after the snowball incident, Evon ran fearing she killed him with her flamey snowball of doom. Hero awoke a few weeks later and set off to find her...neither have been seen since, screwing over the rest of the planned pages Brit and Mr Wax have worked on.

OR! I could be totally wrong and we'll see Chap 7 on Friday as if the Snowball Incident never happened.
Happy Birthday!!
Wait I never got any cookies!! But there is cheesecake every now and then
November 9th, 2010
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@Hyro VI

I didnt draw my avatar. Its a clipping from a scan of a con badge a friend had bought me from a furry con a few years ago of my Second Life character Lorna Kanami.

Full version can be seen here:
November 8th, 2010
This is what happens when you watch Avatar!
I like seeing how Hero grew up. And after chores Hero and mom Wii it up! As for incentive...nice towel
No worries. Take all the time you want. And stop tweeting in class! lol unless it to me!! PINK!!
You were right, I did like todays I do all of them :)
I bet Hero got most of his fighting skills defending his sister's honor.

*goes back to stalking*
I want the tentacle monster as a pet!!
@Spirit Studios and a correction
The Last Wish is the first book book in the Witcher series back in 1993. The Witcher games take place after the books.

And a correction: The game I was thinking of by Square Enix isn't "Last Wish". Its called "The Last Story" and it isn't a Square game at all, its by Mistwalker, who was founded by the Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. That why I thought it was a Squar game. Sorry about that one :)

Wiki links provided for the curious :)
Aww it isn't Cape Suzette.

Might not want to use the name Last Wish. It is a name of a book in the Witcher series. And I think there is a SquareEnix game in developemnt with a simular title for the Wii.
Or maybe "There" is the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota!
You lie!! "There" is Cape Suzette!
"There" is actually the local franchise of The Happy Vixen ran by another Lorna. Its like the PokeCenter in the Pokemon cartoons, one in every town always staffed with a Nurse Joy. Thats my guess...I bet I'm totally wrong though