Hello hello! Something of a veteran spriter artist person here. Been on Smackjeeves since late '06, took a few breaks but ultimately I've stuck around. Catch you on the other side of the next button!

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This is why we made the cook as soon as they're bodies.
@Frost The Wolf- they're gonna turn jen into meteor, this is what will happen
@RoninHunt0987- No worries.
@Frost The Wolf- never
all these npcs just ignoring the random-ass robot
<img src="">
@RoninHunt0987- That is actually a long story! But the shortened version is that fox-Shard used to be my author-avatar, before down the line it got changed to Niv, aka the human we're all familiar with. The same-name is an artifact of both "people know who I am under this name and it'd be confusing to change" and also that I just really like the name.
@foxpuff- Did you expect her first action in the comic to be anything else?
@Timeheart- She only goes after fluffy tails, so Két is safe, yes.
@TheJGamer- I mean, Két is a phantom thief, so it's not too much of a stretch.
@Ultizeta- Well, here they are, in not Pokeform!
@RoninHunt0987- What makes you say that?
you update schedule copycat
This is it

All of Aware has been building up to this moment

(Team SMG stands for "Shard-Matt-Glandor", not Sub-Machine Gun or Super Mario Galaxy.)

Also- We passed 300 fans! Somehow. Still not quite sure how that happened. But it was something worth celebrating, so here's the celebration picture!
@The Magnificent Z- Her birth family, her adoptive family, or her ex-husband and their two kids who are lost in the universe at this point in the timeline?
Which family are we talking about? Because Katty has like 3 of those

So I was thinking, when we passed 100 fans we had a preview of future Worlds, and when we passed 200 fans we had a drawn image celebration... so for 300 I figured, WHY DON'T WE HAVE BOTH?

So here we have it, a preview for Worlds [17], [18], [19], and [20] in all of their spooky mysterious glory! I mean I don't really know what else to tell you, to say anything else about them would mean spoiling the surprise.

Although, astute people might recognize some of these guys. I wonder if anyone'll guess the context, though. PROBABLY NOT OH WELL
@Hero of Comedy- oh nooooooo
@RoninHunt0987- I'm temporarily only updating on Tuesdays, because WST
@1337F0X- How About Neither
@foxpuff- Or what, it's a mystery
@Legoalex-625- The meaning of Life, The Universe, and Everything
@TheJGamer- Sub Machine Gun
@CamTro_Official- Thank you!
@RoninHunt0987- Thank you!
@WiispNightmare- The best box.
(Before we get into the author post: For those of you who missed it, this is no longer the only place I'm uploading this comic. I'm now Middle Ground Front Page Staff! Feel free to check out what I'm doing over there too.)

...Well, sort of, anyway! Usually my update schedule is Tuesdays and Fridays, but because the WST is still on, I'm knocking that back to just Tuesdays for now. Maybe it'll change later, maybe not! Just depends how much time I have to make Aware pages while also making WST pages. My pace has been pretty good so far, but I don't want to make update schedules that I can't keep, so Tuesdays Only it is for now.

Anyway! Welcome back to Aware, everyone! It's been a long- [checks last update] ...twooo and a halllff...? months since we left Pop Star, and thanks to Nondescript Webcomic Time Két has not been herself since July of last year, so I thought it was high time we turned her back to normal. The shirt is new, but, well... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I hope you enjoy what's to come! Aahhh... It's good to be back.
>Put the candle inside the skull, for atmospheric reasons
Don't stop me now.

I'm having such a good time.

I'm having a ball.
>Quickly retrieve arms from hoodie.