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Hello hello! Something of a veteran spriter artist person here. Been on Smackjeeves since late '06, took a few breaks but ultimately I've stuck around. Catch you on the other side of the next button!

=Shard#5926 on Discord=

=Speed Leader of Team SMG=
Silverado's train of logic has never exactly been sound. This is just another point on the 'list of stupid things he's done'.
April 15th, 2019
I think this is the first time that either Damaru or Silverado has actually landed a hit on Blair.
April 12th, 2019
Sitting on a speech bubble is not a good way to avoid future attacks, 2/10 would not recommend to a friend
[conversation from 10/09/2018]
Shard: Honestly I'm so looking forward to the reveal in Aware that Silverado, the God of Death, is afraid of dying
Setrin: "Look, man, I've seen what happens, okay?"
And with that, I'm off! I'll be back in about a month. See you then!
Silver apparently does he eat?
April 6th, 2019
@JovanW- The recap episode (page 450, here-> ) is a good place to start as far as what Két's gone through. After the recap episode, she adventured with Kirby, explored with Team SMG, had to re-live the loss of her best friend, found her reason for fighting, and experienced what happens when a world ends with her RP self. Meanwhile, Damaru and Silverado left the Pokeworld, headed over to Fiore and ran into Blair, got their butts kicked, and regrouped for a while until they returned to world-hopping and exploring, eventually winding up in the here and now.
April 5th, 2019
@WiispNightmare- Far away would probably help, yeah.
@RoninHunt0987- MORTAL KOMBAT!
@JovanW- That depends! What kind of recap do you need?
April 5th, 2019
@WiispNightmare- I dunno if fireproof would really help in this situation...
@RoninHunt0987- Cast your might.
April 5th, 2019
They're here. Place your bets I guess? I mean I won't be able to collect on any bets but like, place them, if you want, I'm not stopping you.
April 3rd, 2019
@WiispNightmare- Thanks!
@RoninHunt0987- ;3
@Squirreltastic-Blue- Where did you come from, Silverado?
April 3rd, 2019
@RoninHunt0987- Suddenly, violence!
@WiispNightmare- oh no
April 3rd, 2019
@Hero 5- Did you intend to put the fire emoji there...?
@JovanW- It was very close.
April 3rd, 2019
Guess who's back.
Back again.
The boys are back.
(The boys are back in town.)
@foxpuff- Will do!
@Koren- That works too!
@JovanW- Will do!
@RoninHunt0987- They'll be pre-set to go up when I'm away, so it should all go up as scheduled! Or you can check the Middle Ground next week and read all of them in advance and then have to wait a month for new content. Up to you!
@RoninHunt0987- Well, I've never been to where I'm going before, so...
@Capejedi- Oh, that video!
@JovanW- Yep! Everything will go up on schedule, unless there's technical issues or something.
@RoninHunt0987- By that time, do you mean me going on vacation, or Damaru and Silverado showing up?