Hello hello! Something of a veteran spriter artist person here. Been on Smackjeeves since late '06, took a few breaks but ultimately I've stuck around. Catch you on the other side of the next button!

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it's been >9000 years and i still have to ask:

where is kai's nose
That was a fun ride! Thanks for sharing this story with us!
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i'm so looking forward to when vela and randy join the thunderscars
When you're the savior of Johto and Kanto, who got rid of that Pokemon Professor Menace, no one cares that you have more than six pokemon on your team.
hello dank memes my old friend
i've come to talk with you again
Years later, Professor Oak crash-lands in Alola, gets absurdly tanned, and starts researching island variants using a different name to see if they taste different. Blue and Silver join forces to go to the Battle Tree and make certain that the new protagonist is ready to defeat this threat once and for all.
Well, on the bright side, he won't be an ass if he doesn't have an ass.
Cinnabar Island:
Home of the most intense game of "The Floor Is Lava" that was ever played™
hey guys i can make author comments too am i cool now
bun bun bun bun bun bun bun bun
June 13th, 2017
It looks to me like red player has already won.
June 8th, 2017
@TheJGamer @darlit glitch

WST Sign-Ups have officially begun! Check out the topic over this way ->
hello police i'd like to report a kidnapping
(the last like three updates were from me holy shit people why is it so quiet??)

So recently some people I sorta vaguely know were all like, "you should do custom stuff more often maychance" and I was all, "maybe when i'm not feeling like shit"; and BAM I am not feeling like shit right now so I have done a custom thing. Like, completely. Holy shit. Why. I mean it looks pretty snazzy I guess but why. Dear god.

Anyway yeah I was trying a LOT of new things here so if you could tell me what you think I'd appreciate it. And also how I can improve it possibly, and the like. Maybe get some activity all up in this showcase, sure would be awesome if people did stuff around here again.

(I'll probably change the color of the vest though. I originally had it as a darker purple but that didn't really look very good, but I have no ideas on what color to make it right now. Maybe I'll change up the colors of the rest of the clothing too, who knows, i t is a m y s t e r y)
I mean, you also can't enjoy the feeling of panic as you try and hit the brakes at the bottom of the hill but you're going too fast and they have to take you to the human center and heal you up on public transportation.
throw me under the bus like a dick why don't you

why isn't Katsu sitting, he's being very rude

use fire against the fire cat

what a SMART idea
June 2nd, 2017
@darlit glitch- Hilarious fun fact- that's actually sort of semi-intentional. See, in 2014, the tourney was hosted by someone else. That person... well, they never quite finished the tournament, so Year 2014 never went up. Then 2015 happened (and finished), but because 2014 wasn't up...

Well, either way, if you want to do a bit of binging, this is the sub-forum where any WST related stuff goes. You can take a look around if you want to get an idea of what past tournaments were like.
@SonicComix1- fiiiirstly i never said mine were more consistent. secondly yours aren't really consistent either so /shrugs

either way we're not getting anywhere with this back and forthing of "mine's better" "no mine's better and here's why" "first of all you're wrong" so i'm just gonna drop it while we're ahead. i'll keep what you've said in mind but, i also really didn't like the things you did when you were following your *own* advice (again they didn't look right to me), so who knows where that'll lead us?

catch you on the flip side ;3