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Though I may act retarded at times, I actually have an IQ of 137, which is 3 points away from the GENIUS range, so........nyeh~ -sticks tongue out-
I'm gay, 19, in an open relationship with my twin brother, and work the graveyard shift at a dance club which I will not name for personal reasons. ^__^
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And I am reminded of a fanfiction called Gary Motherfucking was odd, to say the least .-.
Nick & Kevin remind me of a pair of killers in a game called Clock Tower.... mostly because of their weapons....I forgot their names, but I remember they were my favorites~ ^__^
Is it bad that i can fill in every censored word? 'Cause I can..... >.>
8D lol
-sings- SOMEDAY I'LL...MAKE A MAN... OUT OF YOU!!!! =w=
-swoons over his claws- I would LOVE to have those nails!!!!!! -looks at his own nails & sighs- I suppose knives are just as good, ne? ^__^
Am I the only person whom is reminded of Ouran High School Host club? When Tamaki grew mushrooms in Haruhi's closet and(somehow) on his head

LOVE the comic so far! ^__6
XD lol
XDD saggy boobies, ewwwwwww.... lol