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☆ motivation |||OTL|||
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Omg, it turned out GREAT <3
Bliss you're EPIC <33
And bah, Klaus was always bad ;D he's a demon~ thihi
OMG /////~
It doesn't look like poop! It's amazing!
And I didn't think about FMA =w= It reminds me a bit of Supernatural, though, but that is a compliment, cause I love that xD
I love demonformKlaus ////
I wanna play!!! QwQ gosh Simon, why must you be so cute?!
so cute ///3
Aw, that little octupus would totally make me feel better!
Nilus is such a cute girl! Baw ;w; I can't decide who I like best. I love Simon, he's so funny <3 but Sergio is adrable, always blushing and Nilus is just uber-cute!
///3 keep up with your great work!!