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fruitloop? throws ppl out windows too? how? hes so tiny o a o

can he also use this throwing ppl through windows skill to throw ppl into his bed?
aaaaw hes concerned- mr downbeat really /does/ care u,u
that reaction.... this happens often doesnt it o a o
gaaaaah!! Alan!! he called you by your name you have to do something- he called you by your NAME dont just stand there looking dumbfounded /do something/
oh oh oh hes gunna stay and get bored and get wrapped into hanging around in the party??? :D
Loooool omg danny just cant catch a break can he xD
oooooh so thats what hes up to. Alex you smrt little cookie.
lol yeah a pocket sized danny sounds like a very marketable idea with this crowd eh?

love dannys face when hes txting.
Ahaaa!!!! caaaaalllllled it >.>;;;
loool so... wut is danny not allowed to have naughty mags? or is it just cuz there is girls in it.

aaawwww lookit cute widdle danny just sitting in the corner waiting for it to end. i too would like a pocket danny.
best. reactions. ever. lol.
aaaaawwww omg Danny what a nice guy... sticking up for your home dawgs like that..... Q u Q
oooooouuuuuu~ hes in trouble nooooow~ ouo
looool omg the hip-pop and Danny is just curled into a little angry ball trying to be out of the way. xD
cant wait to see how Rodney is punished lol
no alex. no. alex no. go home alex... D:
aaaaw hes /really/ upset D: if i wasnt bummed that 1- he was rejected, and 2- feel bad for how saddish he is- i would find it cute. cuz it sort of is.
lol the faces. the faces they make are magnificent. this is my fave page.
.... i have a feeling the situation is going to be even worse now.... lol
aaaaw hes /adoreable/ when hes crying Q U Q
looool Alex x3 looks like your dreams know what you want better than you do <3