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I try to wtite comics, but i usually cant update XD however i try my best.

i typically draw in an anime style, but ive sort of learned to draw regularly as well :D

i try to join in collabs :F so when im lazy and cant post, someone else cant :D

PM me or whatever anytime if you want to talk or ask me something... o3o

this is all the info you get, plz go way now O3o
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    Hugh Mann. B.N.
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i was thinking she's the rabbit, but she's acting more like a boar o3o TWIST?
all things considered, im assuming she's the cat? :D
Second panel, i lol'd XD

*enter speedboat on the river*
Yes! i totally called it XD she is the cat X3
this made me lol fiercly XD
Stupid amber! she cut off her witty punchline :G

and in a roundabout way, Gail finally asked her out :D
lol her mom is awesome XD
in mah braing now :G
sorry, but the first thing that came to mind when i saw that was..."im blue! da boo dee da boo di...." lol
My cats disprove your theory o3o
@WolflanDarkwolf actually, not necessarily lol