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My drawing skills are meh, my inking skills are worse, I'm not particularly apt at writing, and I'm currently scanning my artwork with a cell phone camera, but my Photoshop skills are pretty decent. Put all that together and you get comics with mediocre storylines and art that looks like shiny awesome garbage. Kick ass. Read them all.
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Happy Birthday
You have the same birthday as my mom, my cousin, and one of my brother's friends.
I'm really hoping that Rat getting abused like this becomes a running gag.

Does that make me a bad person?
So many people are offended by the "sat" thing, for some reason. This isn't even the first time they've said it like that in this comic.

To someone in the US, it sounds wrong and strange, but apparently elsewhere people talk like that, so it's really only wrong if you imagine Mokepon takes place in America. If you think about it, why would it? It's a comic by an English author based on a Japanese game, it should clearly take place in France.
Assuming brooms are indistinguishable from mops...
Is that perhaps an illustrated book about birds?
He should just do what I did, and catch my favorite Pokémon of all time, Mankey. Then he can own the faces off all the rock types. (also normal types)

Also, infinite loop page is lulz.
January 5th, 2012
You can actually just do the whole thing in Illustrator, if you wanted. You can export images as .png files via the File menu, and coloring isn't much harder in Illustrator than it is in Photoshop, it's just a bit different.

I was actually considering teaching myself to use Manga Studio. I've heard lots of good things about it, and it seems like every good webcomic artist is using it nowadays, so I should at least check it out, I think.

As far as continuing this comic goes, I'll probably do my pages eventually, but I can't guarantee when, especially since I no longer have a scanner. I can (probably) go to the MPC Library and use the scanner there, but I don't usually hang out there all the time, like I used to, so... yeah.

Anyways, making comics is not currently my number one priority; it's more like number three or four. That said, I'm still moderately interested.
What's he worried about?
It's not like Pokémon ever attack anything other than other Pokémon.
I'm kinda... on the fence about that.
There are reasons I would like to continue, and reasons I want to just give it up, so I'm waiting for something to tip the scales in either direction.

However, I suppose if it got to my turn again, I wouldn't have a good reason NOT to just draw a page.
I just realized that the Commander totally could have opened with "How are you gentlemen!!" for more Zero Wingy goodness.
I missed the opportunity... Sadface.
Honestly, I'd be more likely to rekindle my interest if someone else would post a page...
In the second panel, I tried to draw a sun, but I guess it kinda looks like an explosion. It's supposed to be the same sun as in the first panel, though.
But there are only supposed to be 4 fingers... plus a thumb.
Part Two!
I've finally uploaded the first page of part two, <del>but this will also be my last page, at least for a while. I might get back into it someday.</del>

<del>Okay, Everett talked me back into it. I guess we can try to continue this for real now.</del>

Nevermind. Everett's powers wore off a few days ago and I re-unconvinced myself. I do still totally want to continue Hobo Jesus, but I need Kane for that.
To be Continued?
And now that we have all the technologies, our only excuses are laziness and lack of motivation.
Those are pretty good excuses, though.
Typo, but for art... Artpo?
I just realized that the commander has an extra finger in panel 5.
Could that be... Egonoss?
So here it is, the final page of Part One.
I'll put up the first page of the new and improved Part Two as soon as I get a scanner,
which I'm expecting to be very soon.
It's pretty easy to figure out via process of elimination.
The other lines are definitely not it.
But, if I hadn't said anything, probably no one would have ever even thought about it.
It's basically a pseudo-joke-fail, except that there doesn't need to be a joke there.
#42, bitches!
I don't think this page has enough people rubbing their heads.
Anyway, the plot finally moves forward.
It's about time.

BONUS TRIVIA: There's totally a Zero Wing reference in the Commander's dialogue in this page, but I used the correct English translation, for some reason.
So he can use the Force too, eh?
I guess he is a Jedi, then...