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Oh look, another about me form. Let me try to answer this in the best way I can. I'm tall for a girl and I'm in high school. I like to draw, hang out with friends, and play sports. I occasionally play my Xbox 360 and go on live. That's basically my average life in a nutshell.

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Teenage Disaster
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Comment on 02 Facebook Sux of Teenage Disaster
ComicStix, 16 Sep 2010 01:35 am
Recently, my friend was talking about how people just have Facebook's to creep on other people. This comment is what I imagine these people to be like who creep Facebook for break-ups and the latest drama. I do creep sometimes, but MELANIE's pushing it!
Comment on 01 She's Not Jewish of Teenage Disaster
ComicStix, 12 Sep 2010 08:53 pm
I'm just so excited that I finally put this web comic online. You don't even know how long I've had the idea and wanted to put it up for others to see. I know that I'm not the best artist, inker, etc. Just wanted to get the comic up here and improve as I go!

This comic is basically about how I dreaded going to practice when all my other classmates spent their time sleeping in. And when I thought what if...
Comment on 046 Fighting of Neil And Ryan
ComicStix, 10 Sep 2010 08:58 pm
were one of the inspirations of your comic Family Guy?

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