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No matter how many times I try to make something, it just doesn't work.

It's worse since I seem to have incredibly bad attention span when it comes to my work.

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My thoughts have more or less been said already, but I'll say it anyway:

This page is cool :D

And I, too, would buy a print of this if I had the money XD
Very much loving the layout on this page ♥

And oh the dramatic posing~
I think the one thing that's got me most in this comic is the contrast ♥ I can't stop noticing it~ Especially in the first two panels on this page.

I noticed that Jeremy looks a little small in the third panel, though maybe that's because there's more "white" space around him than there is around Mace. Might just be me though ~

I shall go over to Noctuabundus and stalk it too C<
Hay thar~ This is actually Infiltressence from DA here to stalk you some moar :D

Can I just say that I love the style you have for this comic? &#9829; And I'm enjoying how all of Mace's panels are in pure black and white. Fantastic contrast between the two of them... :)
So it takes me even longer this time... XP

Anyway, I really liked the last chapter! This is one of the things I like about this comic, you gave personality and actual life (of sorts) to the minor characters...

Which kind of makes me want to see the guard captain crossing paths with Perry again in the future :d I'd be sad if he died in this battle. *noms on the captain*

As for Irene and the Archer...XD A bit odd in terms of the bow vs. knife match-up, but hey! It's working out really well!
June 7th, 2008
...and Elijah has just gotten another fangirl...

:d Been a while since I've last commented...

Anyway, awesome fight so far. I can't wait to see what Marion's going to do.

Riza's only 13 right? That's not going to be good for her mind--killing something that big, no matter how much she hates them, it's still not good for the mind of a thirteen year old kid.

*Has been going through way too many psychological horror*

By the way, I've been a fan of this comic for a while now. :3 Your art is cool and the plot is interesting.
Diedrich is one of my favorites. :3

He needs a cool nickname. Die does not sound good.

What about Drichy? XD
I just realized something...

This page is so wallpaper material.
Sweet mother of...
I think I've become a fangirl of the Prince!
OMG, LOL, I actually caught this on the front page, Pilar. XP

Nice toning. I have yet to read the fanfic though, although I can tell it's interesting.
So it ends... the doujin ends...'Twas awesome.
CONGRATZ~ *ish a total noob when it comes to fans/page hits XP*

And chapter six ensues! :3
Awesome plot developement. William got chewed out by just six words. XP This is really a great comic.
KAWAII!!! :)
Oh btw, I might do some fanart.

Yeah, I so did not see that coming. I thought Marion would do some kind of surprise attack or so, but still AWESOMENESS....

I have an idea on what Marion's gonna do...but it's still a theory. ^___^