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I test people for The Master. If they pass the test, The Master comes.
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Hey this looks familiar, and you said you needed a co-author? I think I might be just the guy ^_^
The Master babling
Master speaking
I feel a direct link to a curtain Bub the Porcupine here.
Apples eh?(Master talking)
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH SAIRA!!!POC IS MADE OF BACON!!!!Aw forget it. I'm weak and unfunny, but Saira should be enough...
Master speaking(You all know my REAL namesake)
And this is where my own anger and ignorance got me killed, I vowed to return in a sequel and so I have, but not to seek revenge, to seek forgiveness.
Master speaking
And THAT is the effect of Meta Shift, but you can only do so with a Shift Emerald, and Whip stole mine when they killed me.
Master again
For a random fighting comic, this one wasn't THAT bad, though the back AND foreground sucked, the action was nice.
Master speaking
Another angle of the end, on my homeworld.
Master speaking
Here is the end, as it was. You see I am not proud of the things I am about to do in my true form on the second page. But what is done is done, there is no Undo here.
Master remonising
Ah, the days of the beginning of the end. During these days I was ignorant and easily angered. To bad I will never get my old self back.
Master speaking
I am utterly baffled as to weather or not this was my lost form, or Whip using the Shift Emerald you took from my dead body.
Master speaking
No, God "dame" you annoying account stealin-oh wait a minute, that must be Whip, so everything is okay since I owe Whip.
You know,Master speaking, blah blah
I am getting tiresome of those who steal my namesake and form.
The Master speaks again.
How dare you, to steal my name-sake, to steal my form, and to steal my line!I WILL CRUSH YOU INFIDEL!!!
The Sequel
If Whip or Reidy reads, they will know who The Master is. He has returned. He wants to end the feud he started one year ago. He says that is is both of your faults, Reidy and Whip, but he also says it is mainly his fault.