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I'll read just about anything with decent artwork and pretty colors C: throw me a link if you want me to read your comic!
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holy wow, yes yes yes yes and yes to everything, i'd love to see a superhero movie with a lady hero as lead. maybe even a lady of color~
ouch, those calluses look painful!!
oh, that is too cute!! i really like this story~
i always wait until you have like 10 pages up then i read them all at once :D

i feel that liam is being very selfish :< i don't quite understand why he's being a jerk to charlie.
single pages through the week! that way i have a reason to keep reading XD
buying in bulk is the only way to go! i wonder if there's a PokeCostco somewhere...
YAY, more charlie! can't wait!
i really don't think you should use the term 'rape' in her speech. even if it's used for comedy. it's a really ugly word and an awful thing to do so someone.
aw, poor sergio, blown off like that :(
January 17th, 2011
haha, haha, "welcome to hell."
jealous sergio is jealous~!
and simon's ears are pierced!! (from previous page) HOW CUTE.
January 5th, 2011
oooh, congrats on the wedding!! <3 <3 <3
i'm glad you decided to continue this :]
3 years? oh geez! that means....will they be sexy adults when they see each other again?? i've got goosebumps!
happy new year ^_^
sergio's FACE IS SO CUTE. i just wanna smoosh him and his fluffy towel!
when are they gonna lose the towels? not in a dirty way, but like, they have to be dry now, right?
what a way to end my day, man.
this page is gorgeous.
yay! an update! you have no idea how happy this comic makes me.
and yay, my korean aquaintance told me what she's saying. hehehehe.
i don't think i mentioned this before, but i LOVE how each of the brothers has a name beginning with the letter 'e'. i LOVE it.
oh, they're all so cute!!! and total props for the atlantis girl, and how she wants to be a king not a queen. we have enough of that disney princess crap!
December 12th, 2010
if i could buy this at borders, or a bookstore, i'd buy it :{ other than that, i can't buy things off the interwebs.
wah, i want more pages, because your art is beautifulll.
November 29th, 2010
i thought something bad was going to happen to the poor robot OTL
i was on pins and needles!
the shock!
okay, not :{
my poor baby, Liam. don't worry, Smackjeeves loves you more than he ever will D:<