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Not much to tell. I'm a otaku (anime geek) who loves yaoi, bl, anything with male on male romance. Even though I am a female and in a lovely relationship with a male. Just reading malexfemale love stories are boring. If I had the ability to draw. I would be doing my own webcomic here.
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AAAW! This is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I want my own Cooly Kitty!
*Laughing hard*

Aw, man! This is so funny. I mean I feel bad for Haru, but it's still funny. After all, this is the guy that would literally jump off a cliff for Ryuuta. So when told to sit in a corner, he's gonna go there, but that's why he love him.
I still want to buy it! It's so good! I mean If I have to go somewhere without a computer and want something to read. This would be a wonderful read.