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theres too many words

i dont understand whats going on
oh good youre actually back
wait a minute this is the same as #3
have you gone to walled lake middle school

i doubt it
why is sonic a genesis sprite but knuckles is from sonic advance
if sqa is deleted you could all go read dragon ball kai adventures
wait why does tails have radrockets avatar

im confused
also you shouldn't use the nword

my dad told me it was bad and would get me beat up and my car stolen
what are you saying?

what is a turabo?

please stop shouting
guys i think you are being unreasonable

you shouldnt start fights for no reason

lets try and talk it out
what is this luigidamna
this needs more fighting and explosions maybe like my comic
how come there aren't any backgrounds?

it'd probably have more fans if you had backgrounds like my comic
wait whats he doing on the floating island?

i thought this wasn't a sonic comic