Hi, I'm Briar. I'm 22 years old, and I'm a polyexclusive, genderfluid Wiccan. I like to read fantasy novels, write poetry, and draw anime. I like a bunch of anime and manga, and am pretty much a giant geeky nerdy person.
This seems to update very erratically now. I'm hoping to buy the books at some time....
September 23rd, 2016
I ship it.
I still feel like Mars is probably Hayden's Zoipan.
Why am I shipping so hard???
So, Renee is a dude?
I love this comic, and hope it updates soon <3
Hoping this isnt permadead!
June 18th, 2014
So....IS Renee male or female? i still can't figure it out. Such an androgynous body type >_<
I just have to ask...is Renee a boy? Usually i can tell easily...but this time...
Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVED your Homestuck-style updates! Keep up the wonderful work!
Jacob, don't be mean to Val! you know he's just jealous!
I am so in love with this comic!!!
I hope you update more >_<
OMG!!!! I love this comic, and i love Bioshock!!!!

....lol i keep hoping for some romance between Billy and Don XD
There he is folks! Logos in all his sexy military-ish glory! complete with a medal, a pocketwatch, goggles, and a cool mechy lookin pauldron.
Gotta love a smart man. Especially one who can do that.

Astral: "What are you doing?"
Logos: "Building a thingamagigit."
Astral: "What on earth is a thingamagigit?"
Logos: *evil grin* "Oh, you'll see" ;)
Ahh...Logos. Technomage extraordinaire. How badly has my camera mangled your image? I need to use a scanner...but you're still hot. Yes people, Logos is hot. Yes, he's muscley. Yes, he wears a mesh shirt when dressed "normally" So Logos kinda wears a military style thing. I think its hot.
I really love your comic, and I hope that everything is okay :) Take the time you need, but please come back someday and post more :)
Aww, thanks! And he is a little femme, isn't he? I think it makes him look cute :3