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Awwwe!! He saw them returning and broke the cycle! <3 <3 <3
omg, these two are just too adorkable I can't stand it XD
@Kyotee#2: Once he knows the horse is ok, I'm sure he'll be plenty worried XD
@FreakyTweakyBleu: That's my best guess, as well. Also, if the horse stays laying on its side for too long, its left lung could collapse due to the weight.
This page is gorgeous. Not sure what about it I like so much, but I really like it a lot :D
Pfft XD I absolutely LOVE how skeptical the horse looks <3
Like: "ExCUSE me? You're doing *what* now?"
He's just so excited XD It's adorable <3
Is anyone else hearing Tommy's voice as Mori-senpai from Ouran? >_>
It breaks things.
They say you're not doing it right if you don't break at least a rib or two.
These two are so freaking adorable D:
@Gnildryw: My job done *Flies off into the sunset*
@Hoagie: Doesn't look like makeup removal to me. The blood from his nostril would suggest it's fresh and the different clothes they're wearing would suggest it's a different time/day from the previous page. My guess is he said something dry and snarky enough to piss off one of the other cowboys XD
*snickersnort* So I guess they really ARE bird wings XD Interesting how many people don't realize what stroking a bird's wings actually does >_>
I don't think just a hand's gonna cut it, Brynn ;)
Ears like a fox X3

that foxy man~


That is all >_>
Ya done goofed
Didn't hear her coming...that's because she doesn't actually EXIST! ~oooooOOOOooooo!~ <(creepy ghost sound)
Poor Brynn. I know those feels, though. GODS do I know those feels.
Just found this little gem tonight, and what a wonderful page to end on XD
I believe you have another fan :D
December 25th, 2015
*tiny Gizmo voice* Bright light! BRIGHT LIGHT!