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well 2 things almost did happen and one did start to happen but sadly was stoped before it could get to the make MAG REALY HAPPY! Ummm isn't Channie always happy tho so she don't realy count.
he might have killed the mood but the mood Meg is in now she just might end up killing HIM :3 think that would put her back in the better mood?
yaaaa this is going to end baddly but funny as hell.
and there is the basket all that is left is the trip to hell this well be fun to watch.
BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Now there is the Meg we all love. Oh and did you know feathers don't burn as they kinda MELT then start to burn. Also as these two are about to learn when some one who is known to be easy to piss of goes quiet its but the calm before the RAGING STORM.
*facepalms and shackes head* hey feather brain she is only HALF Bird lol the other half is not big on fling.
Hey it might be a test to see if they can find all the errors in the reading materal.
Well lest he isn't doing work for a dragon that is about the only way this could get any worse......right? As for the Vat cleaning they well not let me do it any more ; ; something about C-4 or any high explosives being a cleaning agent -_-;
He REALY wants Mag to make him in to a BBQed bird on a wire I see :3
So how long until she beats the hell out of him for the mess he got her in to?
*facepalms* by the Gods they are worse then two roosters fighting it out ^_- tho I don't see ether of them breaking the others necks. and wow Mag is populer that or its the lack of well ya >_> I can see this going poorly for em.
mmmmmmmm do I get to make it a pet?
mmmmm thinking it over I think the best bet would be for the wings to act like living parashots and just use their wings to slow down the fall they MIGHT not break any bones then................maby
*digs around in their pack and pulls out a small bottle of iodine and a 4 gallon jug of hydrogen peroxide and a few bandages* ......what you try cleaning up after a zombie infestation some time. Ok got stuff to clean the bite and good th.......oh yaaa hope Meg is up to some more flying time *snickers*
^_- huh she must have a thing agenst enthraling humans or can't. Then again there are cheeper and easyer ways to make sure some one keeps their mouth shut even if it can get a little messy.
And watch as they only fall maby 10 feet in total lol
I think some one failed the Class >_>
Going DOWN!! Wow Joe is addicted to them bars all right.
And Cue the door portal that leads not to her room but the Kitsue house or is it a city *scraches head* Oh as for the HD I would back up every thing to another format until you get a new HD.
Express elevator going down keep your arms and legs inside at all times bend over and hope the breaks work if not well ^_^ make peace with what ever god(s) or goddess you feel are most likely to care and have a NICE DAY! *crumbles up sheet of paper and tosses it over a shoulder* well still say compact slaves for 50% off is better then Slave Jam or Jelly Bucky *snickers* and NO sorry to say the cable coiling up WELL NOT help them out at all nor well jumping just before it hits the ground.