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The colors and the lines, the formats, all those tiny little details. Im ashamed for not trying enough to have this kind of skill. Its a beauty that can not be explained. eh. Congratulations and please, keep up the good work!
My fave page so far. I hope to get better and better...
@JillyFoo: lololol, worse than that. Wait and u'll see <3
(btw, ty for the fave, I owe you a hug! *-*)
Ah, Thee delay
Sup guys? :)
Sry for taking so long to post, but we had a bunch of holidays here, plus some College works :/

But dont worry, after this one i have 3 more pages just waiting to be lettered (dunno if thats the correct word for "typing the words in that beautifull squares"). xD

Hope u like
The rain...
@Jo Bunny: Thanks! *-* yeah, I tried something like "wake up All - you have some serious shit to deal with. Here and now." xD

Ty for ur comment!
so long without even showing my ugly face... u.u
Well, i decided to try a challenge: work on Andhara every day for 30 days. Let's see what i can do.
And after soo long, im back.
:B Sorry guys, lasts month was a difficult month .-.
hope you like.
I really liked - The art's lovely; and the colors, the expressions. I'll sure follow your comic. Please, keep posting! ^^
Oh, and I've the same problem your character's. I can't draw anything the way I wanted. Nuuh ;.;'
btw, I loved to see the name "Andre" in your comic. It's dificult to see non-japanese names round here '-'~
peace :3