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This wasn't my original plan for this page, but it made more sense compared to the rest of the story.
Half-way through the chapter.
It's a late update (updates should be on Thursday). They've been doing very loud construction work nearby and it's preventing me from sleeping normally.

I could have posted this last night, but I wanted to redraw the first panel.
I'd say the odds are pretty low Annie is going to give up on this.
The start of chapter 17 (although the conclusion to the scene from the last chapter here).
Finally caught up. Last page of chapter 16, and this ends of the backlog where I was posting a page every day. One new page will be posted every Thursday from this point. I'll post them as I make them.

Any feedback, requests, or thoughts would be welcome- in between chapters is the best place to make changes.
The last page of chapter 15.

While Pulse is in-between chapters, it's a good time to have an intentional hiatus. It's something I should have done before, but I've been trying to work on some other obligations and Pulse at once.

Sometimes it works out, but it seems like if Pulse is my priority, it's all that gets done that week. If the other stuff is the priority, Pulse is at least very late.

I was part of a Kickstarter, and it's all taken ten times longer than I ever imagined. I need to complete the rest of the backer pictures (now that I have enough information for many of them), and hopefully by then or after that's complete I'll have enough of the story to continue drawing the comic.

So I think the only reasonable thing to do is pause the long-term project (Pulse) and get these short-term artwork and comic things out of the way.

I can't exactly guess how long this will take, or how long the hiatus will be. But it'll most likely be at least a few months. Worse-case, the next update here will be with the anniversary picture in June.

I'll try to provide more information when I know more.
One page left for this chapter.
Only a few pages left for this chapter.
I guess better late than never.
The twist?
Been really sick. Had like super-flu or something.
I wasn't sure what to make this guy look like. I originally intended him to have many arms. But making him look like a tree seemed fun when I was working on it, so that's what he became.
I wasn't sure if panel two needed dialog or not. I thought it worked without it, but maybe some dialog would add context.
Still Experimenting, I intended to paint the venom coming from the one with the wings, but it just didn't look right. I instead tried drawing it, and I guess it looks better.

With the second enemy girl, I thought giving her one eye would be a challenge. I wanted both of these two to be strange like they were unconventional experiments. It can be easy to make one-eyed people look a little strange, so I tried to make her cute expecting it to be difficult.
I'm not sure if the painted backgrounds work or not. My current plan is to try to draw anything near, and then paint things further away.
I'd guess Evilyn's full name isn't Evilyn Destruction.
November 20th, 2014
The start of chapter 15. I rearranged the chapters a little, I thought it needed kind of a break from Tabitha's story.

I also thought that Evileye here (Evilyn) needed to be introduced before what was originally chapter 15.

A little conclusion to the last chapter seemed like it could be good, so that was added there at the top as well.
I'm starting to worry that what Doctor Hector says here doesn't make as much sense as when I wrote it. There was part of the story I cut that also dealt with free will and the future.
Two pages left for this chapter.