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Probably the longest Annie has not appeared in the comic in some way.
Or maybe no-face. I kind of like how Delphi is treated as a pest, it makes her seem more like Grace.
The most indestructible thing in comics- the pants of a male character.
@dracone: Maybe a little. Although these aren't Nazis, I wanted to go more for 1960s vague eastern European soldiers.
Still trying to get Delphi's speech right... I could have updated yesterday, but I wanted to give myself more time to try to figure out her dialog. I'm glad she isn't a permanent character. Although you never know, maybe I'll get the formula right just before the end of the flashback.

I gave her a different font, and edited the last two pages too. I need to go back and edit all of the older pages she's appeared on.
Delphi had to win for the story to continue, but I wanted to make sure it didn't seem like it was easy for her. Otherwise she'd be doing exactly what she accused the Silver Dragon of doing on the previous page.
I'm worried it sounds like I meant Delphi fought their dog...
First page of chapter 26 "The Seer".
Last page of chapter 25. Next week is the start of chapter 26, "The Seer".
I'm still trying to get Delphi's speech quite right, I edited her dialog in previous page a little. Not the meaning of what she said, but which words she used.
Prepare for shocking revelations. Some of these things I've been setting up for a long time.
...I bet it'll be a long time before this "Delphi" is explained...
Pulse and Bolt made a guest appearance in Raven's Dojo
beware it's a very NSFW comic.

They appear in a series of pages where characters from other webcomics are brought in to continue an epic fight.
I didn't mean to just copy and paste that stabbing panel from the previous page, but I was behind and it didn't make sense to redraw something only slightly different.
There was going to be more about Evilyn and Mira and Arim as part of the wrap up, but I worried the story was going in too many directions. So I should instead focus on the most important elements, and save the next step of those stories until I could focus on them individually, or in groups if that made sense.
@JFP: Hmm, you're right. I could also just remove "secretly" from the upper bubble.

Maybe keeping it in three bubbles would make easier to digest?
Considering Annie's missed a lot, and there needs to be a wrap up, I figured I'd have a character fill in Annie and the readers at once. It was originally going to be Annie's father, but I thought Tabitha would be a lot more entertaining. After this long arc of fighting, some humor and silliness seemed useful.
Aftermath starts next page.
Originally Annie was falling over after running out of power in that last panel, but it looked confusing, like The Silver Dragon knocked her over or something.

One more page left, then the wrap up.
Not the first time being a creeper has been a problem for Connor.