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Just a strange highschool student wanting to actually have enough motivation to finish a comic project.

I like anime, video games, food-especially german stuff, horror/thriller/slasher anything and doing whatever I can at art.
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So cuutteee...
Merry Christmas back! Such a short but sweet comic. Now I'm going to be even more worried about your pokemon as the comic goes on. :c
Merry Christmas from Erin and Finn!
Hope you have a kick ass Christmas Eve and Christmas coming up! For those of you who don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a kick ass weekend. XD

Just want to thank all you awesome reviewers and 17 fans of Hell Land. There will definitely be more comics coming up this new year and hopefully I can get chapter one finished before I head off to college. :D
Blinded by the liiigghhhtt...
I should make the title of every authors comment a song.
I'm afraid I would run out of songs fast though. :c


Almost time for my portfolio review too.


@Zaazu- Comic spotlight? For me? :'D I don't think I quite deserve that but thank you! Hope works goes well for ya!
Holiday Oh Holiday
It's the best time of the year~

Got back from visiting my mom's boyfriends' family before Christmas. I'm already tired and ready for Christmas to be over now. XD

Anyway, new page, Finn tries to find the best in people, sometimes that's not always the best quality to have. Panel two was a b--ch.

P.S. Old granny didn't break the ceiling cause she's a ghost, not because I'm too lazy to draw breaking wood and plaster. :D

@Zaazu- Indeed she did bitch the fuck out of Finn. XD
Yup. I'm done with those. Just gonna color in wonderful grayscale from now on. High five for laziness!

Anyway, regular updates should be in order. My Grandma died last week so it was busy and not a very art giving mood. I'm feeling better now and have a newly acclaimed vigor to working on this comic.

Action starts next page!

@MayelV- Yup mysterious Black swordsman is the boss. With the worlds most frightening name. You'll find that out later. XD

@Zaazu- Yes, the most awesome attire for being a paranormal investigator. Or any job really.
December 10th, 2010
It seems Question Duck had quite the sweet tooth, or should I say bill? :o

As for me, I read this one book called 'Charlie the Caterpillar' over and over again when I was a kid.
Glad to see an update! :D Really lovin the backgrounds, so I'm not complaining.
New characters are introduced! Hunter the guy talking before is the tech guy in panel two. Lien is the asian lady you see in panel three. Then we have the mysterious third person... HRRRMMMMM.

Hope you guys have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! If you don't celebrate it I hope you still have an awesome day, we should be thankful everyday anyway. XD Dekujin out- PEACE!

@Zaazu- It's good to be back! I really did miss doing Hell Land for that short break. D:
Sorry for such the long hiatus. I bought a new tablet pen for my tablet and for some reason it's not working. XD TECHNOLOGY HATES ME. I'll stop raping the caps lock now.

Anyway, enjoy grandma ghost turning all Freddy Krueger on the twins. I've been wanting to draw this page. All pages from now on will be hand draw because I just want to draw them. >XD I can't wait on my dumb tablet anymore.
XD Mr. Skelly is dressed up super cute! In fact everyone is, and I can't stop laughing that the sheet James is wearing has his crazy smile too.
Happy Halloween!
Happy upcoming Halloween everyone! :D I would have done a digital picture but my tablet pen is being all screwy and not cooperating with me at all. I'll have to order a new one, but I'll try to get pages done still. ;u;

Currently watching Halloween II at this moment and laughing about the thought if these two had to hunt down serial killers too.
Creepiness starting to sink in, hopefully... Was a fun page to do because we finally got some word bubbles! :D Also I went to a haunted trail tonight which helped inspire me to finish on time.

@Zaazu- LOL There is a pokeball called the timer ball. XD OLD LADY USED SCARY FACE.
Save the TAH-TAH'S
Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month as much as it is Halloween month, I decided to draw something showing my support. I'd rather draw something for it then get my hair dyed pink or something like that. XD;

Finn loves those TAH-TAH's so he's doing what he can to help fight the cancer. Erin is trying to pretend she's not his twin.
I don't know what you mean by 'crap BG', this looks really well done. *u*

I'm excited for more.
Man I really want to get to pages with word bubbles and stuff... :< For now you must enjoy a lot of 'Tik-Tok' and a rather creepy looking old lady.

*guy in the first portrait looks a little like the slender man... creepy*
Evil Pokemon, calling them from Hell. Now I understand everything. 8D
Everyone knows that when your in a creepy house you should walk toward the door that just slightly opened by itself, and has a strange red light coming from it.

*backgrounds-GFSKALGF* DB
So glad to have found this comic!
I just read all the available pages today! I love this story and the characters and I'm looking forward to more. :D
I'm loving this story so far, Mr. Skelly is just too cute for words. XD
Backgrounds are a Pain...
Man, I hate drawing backgrounds. XD But I really want this to look good... Not all the pages are going to be in color I think the color will stop on page... 10. Then I'll be doing screen tones and stuff.