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I'm a weirdo. Really. And damn angst teenager. I'm a cutter and very suicidal person but too kind to commit a suicide. I'm hopeless. Heh.
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"Did he just do... what I think he did?" Funny.
Sleeping pills... I have never used them but sometimes I would really need them ^-^
^-^ They are so happy looking that it's almost spooky.
Poor little Kaoru. Don't get fat please.
Hit me. I must be dreaming... he is so... perfect...
I love Rothbard and Odile ^-^ They are so cute little meanies.
SHE CAN'T DO THAT!!! IT'S NOT FAIR!!! Ed and Liam are going to be married!! I don't like that stupid old hag *goes to the closet* I'm never coming out again!! Never!!