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Hey all my names Shayna and im the author and creator of all my own comics. Have a read and give me sum feedback please so i can improve.
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    Shayna Monaghan
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@RororoyourYACHT: thanks i just wish i could afford a tablet freehand does take awile to do an look really messy in the end.
lol everytim i hear or see the word pikey i think catherine tate show LOL lauren ftw
@RiingoAkuma: lol i spotted that too we all make mistakes LOL
Ichi-ban dake watashi o ataeru
it makes me so happy to see GMJON with some fans i just love this story and hope many others will too. Ichi-ban dake watashi o ataeru is done freehand by me on manga studio. so sorry if the pages look messy
Yes this is Boy Love if you dont like it dont read it this is gonna have loads of sexy scenes in this so avert your eyes if you not into butt sex LOL also Read Left to Right traditional manga style
aaaawwwwhhhh! kawaiiiiiiii! i made it through this whole comic without crying til i got to this page so cuuuuuute
November 2nd, 2013
i love art like this i also use manga studio
LOL when did this become a oreimo eroge lol
lol im just loving this good luck from your neighbours across the ditch lol kiwi m8
August 17th, 2013
bwahaha boo looks so creepy as a girl
is it just me ordoes sid remind ya of monkey d luffy from one piece i just get that vibe from him
August 17th, 2013
i really love your work but im a little confused sometimes lol are ibukis eyes blue green or yellow cuz it changes in many pages?
lol sayaka reminds me of sailor jupiter so loving this its professional style keep up the good work
awh whens the next updatethis is gooood! dont stop this the best read
is it just me or does even the light switch look erotic lol you have great style
lol i think mars is haydens zoipan lol just sayin
kya! so cute
Read from left to right classic manga style
only the first couple of pages are in colour i might do this at the beginning of every chapter
awh y no more i want more i wanna know what happens between these 2 waaaah :(