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Page 3
it might be hard to see, but he's looking up to the moon.

art fail.
When I'm low on time chances are I'll go grey scale. It's a lot quicker this way.
since this is a two person comic and I'm simply the illustrator I'll have to wait and see where my author wants to take this comic.
damn, look at that sky.
It's gonna start off a little slow but this thing is definitely gonna take off soon.
It's your Heroine!
Since this comic is still in the process of development I decided to show you the development of the characters!

This is the heroine of the comic, Emi! She's tough and badass. No, just kidding she is mostly shy and quite. Living in such a messed up world she's bound to change, am I right?
I like cupcakes, but healthy is the way to go. GIVE HIM THE SANDWHICH!! NOM NOM NOM
November 6th, 2010
lmao! He's so awesome.
love this one.
ah, my week didn't go so great either, but this new page just made my day. ewe
love the pumpkin's expression! XD
October 12th, 2010
that person looks a lot like me...
lol, took me a minute to get that one! XD
I really wish life could have bgm... ;A;
yesh! I love daily updates!
spoil your readers~! d(♥__♥d )*thumbs up*
I love his new look!! oAo ♥
much love~!!
September 28th, 2010
Is that a NJTransit bus I see!? O:
September 15th, 2010
that is one smexy "teaser"...*w*

and the last panel was funny.