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@godmoderncommander: Um, I can't really say why, it'll be explained, and don't worry, asses will be kicked.
What? An Update?
Hello. I'm Baaaaaack!~
I hope you all are having a splendorous break from the shitty educational system, here's a comic. GIVE ME FEEDBACK!
This was an amazing spectacle to behold. BRAVO!
Dude, pretty sweet so far!
Go there, or be square! Seriously, check it out.
@CarnageRulez312: Thanks for the feedback, and sure, if you want me to.
Not so sure how this one turned out. Let me know so I can make any necessary changes or whatnot.
@CarnageRulez312: Lol. Yeah they are just a tad big, and thanks! To answer your question, I use Photoshop Elements 8.0, and yes, all the expressions are drawn by me.
@Guy: Yes, the next ones that I make will be smaller.
So that's it for the Prologue. Now we can really start this thing.
@searo: Yeah, that'd probably be better.
@searo: Yeah, they are. Sorry about that. I'm still trying to get the right size going.
Good! Great! Awesome! Outstanding! AMAZING!

So we're almost done establishing the plot. How do you guys think I'm doing so far with the comic?
I feel...neutral about this one. I'm not sure what it is, but to me it feels like it's missing something. I'll probably update it later.
Oh dear Lord. XD
Sorry about the largeness of this comic, I'm still messing around with the sizes.