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Remnants of Nana
I'm a college Junior, and a double Studio Art and Japanese major. I love to do kendo and love to draw and write. I collect ABJD and love those two.

I'm a major tomboy with a very random occasional tendency to dress up in lolita.
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Yet again, Patrick is the definition of suave and cool. Damn I miss that black hair though.
Kickstarting the kickstart with ass kicking on stage, literal on the kicking! Brilliant!
While I don't usually find Andy as a source of inspiration, today, he's definitely one. "Fuck the money, forget the tour, let's just go make some noise!" Yeah, that's a good motto. That's one that's got the soul in it, right there.
Awe, Vivian, you're too cool to drop out and not fuck Mulligan!
Hahaha, Patrick's got his inner zen going, I swear. "Yup, breaking up, still cool and calm." XD
Oh my God Peter! XD I bet Peter's Peter is all showing now and everything hahahahaha!

In case I ever doubted, Kara rocks. Hardcore. Give that girl a prize!
That last expression! Peter is so innocent, not realizing what she was gonna do! XD
Oooooh scheming Julien. He must have known this, after all, hehehee. Also, Julien in that persian attire is entirely YUM!
Oh Julien... *sighs* He's such a heart throb, especially in those last two panels. <3
Awe. *hugs* It's sad to lose people you become close to, even if they are old and don't remember who you are. I was so glad my grandmother left the one home she was at before her roommate died. I haven't been able to check on what happened to her- mostly because I know she died- but just because I was attached to her.

The thing is, that makes you sweet and caring, and a sweet and caring aid is always better than one who doesn't care. You feel better, dear <3
And now they can go have sex because they each want someone who's hooking up with the other's someone XD
They took her to a gay bar! XD Way to go. Get the lesbian mooning over another girl drunk and hooked up with a lesbian looking to score <-- SEE! I KNOW WHAT THEIR PLAN IS!
Eeeeeeeeee! Lucas is so sweet <3 Ashley must do as he says, cheer up, and get in Lucas' pants and forever be his! <333
Haha, oh Zadia XD It's not his fault he's never seen someone like you before, he just can't help but stare~

Also, totally read that he came from Harleton. Like where the harlots are. Yeah, my mind's not in the gutter or anything, lol.
Wow, and here I thought you couldn't get any more graphic than what Mulligan said (and then the comments were read).

Also, mind blown on the phoque.
Ooooh happy 900th! Also, I love Mulligan on this page. And Patrick's response was perfect <3
Awe, lookit that smiley face! I'm so happy for him! <3
YES! SCORE FOR TEAM LUCAS! FUCK YOU, LIAM! FUCK YES! *cheers, and squees!* This makes me SO happy beyond belief! You claim that boy, Lucas!
Awe, poor June. I agree, she could definitely use a drink or two now!