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ah..........i like drawing and soccer, i'll add more later. oh! and anime and manga!
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Sweeeeet! Excited to see who this is and how things turn out now that they're on Kuro's homeworld~~~
Yaaaay! I'm so glad you got help and are in a better place! I still always love when you post, even if it's a year later. Your headspace has always been super weird but in a really awesome, I-wanna-see-more kinda way. :)
I'm glad you're back and crusin'. :) You eventually got help and that is what matters. :)
Just re-read the part where Kuro tells everyone the back story. I'm so excited now that they're in outcounty~~~
Wow, you are on a roll!
Lol. What's he getting them into? xD
So many updates~~~!
Cool! :D You're nearing the end! :)
What kind? Ciabatta or French or Kaiser or...? :D
Huzzah! I love it when I open my favorites and I see you've updated~

10 years!!! Yaaaaay!

You made the new banner so sneakily I had no idea! And clearly I'm pretty belated in celebrating, looking at Charil's post. xD
I'm majoring in Psychology and East Asian Studies. :)

If the material doesn't come to you naturally, why are you going back for accounting?
Cool! I'm looking forward to seeing your designs! :D

Yeah, I'm still taking classes but I finish this December so, my pain is almost over. XD

Are you still in classes? I think I remember you talking about necessary delays in updates being to schoolwork (which I tooooootally get; I had to bail on fun plans tonight because of my schoolwork...).
I've been pretty good, how've you been!?

How about a cute, summer-y skirt and/or awesome sunglasses? :D

I forgot you used my trench request for Inu~. :3
You're alive! **\(^v^)/**
Uwaaaaaah! So many updates! I love it! I'm glad you're still sticking with this comic! I can be patient for a clump of pages a year. :) College keeps me pretty busy too. :) Thanks for continuing to draw and send your quirky spirit into the world. :)