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ah..........i like drawing and soccer, i'll add more later. oh! and anime and manga!
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@HVoice: Yep. I have not logged in for a while myself so I did see it's been almost a year and still wanted to offer some encouragement. *shrug* Sometimes people read without ever commenting and I don't want artists to think their work goes unappreciated.
Welcome back, though clearly it's been a while since you returned. Still, I'm excited to log back in to SmackJeeves and find you kept this story going!
Sweeeeet! Excited to see who this is and how things turn out now that they're on Kuro's homeworld~~~
Yaaaay! I'm so glad you got help and are in a better place! I still always love when you post, even if it's a year later. Your headspace has always been super weird but in a really awesome, I-wanna-see-more kinda way. :)
I'm glad you're back and crusin'. :) You eventually got help and that is what matters. :)
Just re-read the part where Kuro tells everyone the back story. I'm so excited now that they're in outcounty~~~
Wow, you are on a roll!
Lol. What's he getting them into? xD
So many updates~~~!
Cool! :D You're nearing the end! :)
What kind? Ciabatta or French or Kaiser or...? :D
Huzzah! I love it when I open my favorites and I see you've updated~

10 years!!! Yaaaaay!

You made the new banner so sneakily I had no idea! And clearly I'm pretty belated in celebrating, looking at Charil's post. xD
I'm majoring in Psychology and East Asian Studies. :)

If the material doesn't come to you naturally, why are you going back for accounting?
Cool! I'm looking forward to seeing your designs! :D

Yeah, I'm still taking classes but I finish this December so, my pain is almost over. XD

Are you still in classes? I think I remember you talking about necessary delays in updates being to schoolwork (which I tooooootally get; I had to bail on fun plans tonight because of my schoolwork...).
I've been pretty good, how've you been!?

How about a cute, summer-y skirt and/or awesome sunglasses? :D

I forgot you used my trench request for Inu~. :3