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I log into SmackJeeves nearly everday! I probably won't make my own comic for a long, long, time! Sorry :'c... and I also don't comment a whole lot, but I try to!

I absolutely love this website! If you've got a comic and want an extra fan, please send me a link of your comic in a PM! I love finding new comics. UNLESS it's a sprite comic, I hate those! ^^ I also severly hate My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic or whatever it's called. It's cuter, sure, and I've never watched it, but I've seen pictures and GIFs and EVERY FREAKIN screenshot of the stupid show is a MEME! What the heck! It's not like it's funny or anything like memes are supposed to be. I miss old My Little Pony, at least they actually looked like ponies.

Yup, my username is from Legend of the Guardians. When I made this account, I really liked the books, which was around August 2010. My first Smackjeeves account was made in Summer of 2009 and is called Gantai :)

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This's so true...I love cats, they're so cute xDD My cats are my babies .____.

Dogs are ok too, but I've only ever had 1 good dog (the only dog I still own actually) and all other expirences with dogs have been bad for me... so.. :(
Gee whiz how does she make her hair curl like that? <;o
December 26th, 2011
Lol why did you ask what it meant in Spanish in the first place? xDD
augghhhhhhhhhhhhhasdffff stop drawing such cute stuff wait, DON'T. DON'T STOP. I don't care if I get diabetes from this comic's sugary sweetness xD it's worth it! I spazzed when I saw this had been updated...Merry Christmas <3 :)))!
Not only that, but she looks emo too .____.

*can't stand emo-looking stuff*
September 4th, 2011
Awesome and adorabley creepy as always <3 (that's a good thing >w<!!)

And LOL I seriously thought that Rasputin had leg hair in the first panel ._. I need my eyes looked at hahaha x]
How come the Anonymous guy is the only one that doesn't send his love :c?
Yikes! :O

Is blanking out the same as blacking out? Which by the way is really scary, I fainted a few days ago :'c
AWWWW oh poor guy in the background doesn't have a date :c I think he's jealous of derp-legs.
I don't think I would forget about someone so easily :|

But aww, this is very cute! :D I thought this was a flashback in the earlier pages of this chapter, glad it's not! :3
August 17th, 2011
Dude I love your art style! It's so weird which is why I love it so much ^O^;;

And does he have a pool on the roof of his house? If so..I'm very jealous ;A;
Aww, this comic is so cute! It's one of those ones that I always go back to and re-read :D

And, you blush a lot, don't you? ;)
July 29th, 2011
Jesus, look at those buildings. It's a futuristic city! :O
Wow! Tall lockers! How do they reach the stuff at the top? xD
Haha, okie dokie, understandable ^^;
20 YEARS older? .___.
So he's like 40-something? ^^;;
Update tomorrow, huh...
Nice comic, but would be nice to see the characters in different poses for once. I think you've been recycling the same pictures for the entire comic..
I read your entire Author's comments, it was very interesting, and helpful! ^^;

Haha I love how the teacher & the other students don't mind them talking during an essay ;)..

EDIT: Ain't this comic 2 years old, today? Woo-hoo! :D Happy Anniversary.
Wow, thank you! I looked all around and couldn't find any definitions anywhere. Thanks for the detailed description! Lol wow that sounds real tough... o.o... good luck!